#WhyISupportModi #7 – Rent a womb, No More

When Sunny Leone and her husband adopted a child I was thrilled and wanted to write a blog on how sensible that decision was in comparison to Shah Rukh Khan and his wife using surrogacy to have their 3rd child. I never wrote that blog because soon after, we heard of a series of celebs having children through surrogacy – Sunny Leone herself opted for surrogacy to have her twins, much to my disappointment and Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Aamir Khan, Sohail Khan, Tushar Kapoor and Lisa Ray also opted to have children through surrogacy.

Krishnan and I chose not to have children but I totally understand folks who want children and are unable to conceive or don’t want to go through pregnancy for whatever reason. Why not adopt ? What is it that surrogacy gives except a continuation of your genes ? Why hold onto old ideas of lineage in this day and age, especially celebs, when India has a population explosion to deal with !! These are role models (?!@) and why can’t they show the way by adopting a child ? I have had friends go through the IVF process and its a nightmare …. the health hazards are an added collateral damage besides the mental stress. And I have friends who have adopted and are as happy as any regular parents are.

A child is a child – whether born to you or to any mother. Obviously the celebs don’t think so !

When there was a debate in the parliament on surrogacy sometime in 2015 or 2016, Sushma Swaraj was lampooned in the media for saying surrogacy must be banned and strict rules must apply on who can seek children through surrogacy. Thats when I tried to read up about surrogacy in India and realised that its a f*$%^g $400 MILLION INDUSTRY/BUSINESS. There are clinics which are meant for surrogate mothers to stay and give birth to the babies. What ? India was the top destination because rules were flouted at will and no one cared. The surrogate mothers were poor women who didn’t get their dues many times and were just used as baby factories…. And everyone spouts off about “divine mother” and how in India mothers are respected. Utter B*#$%^&T. 

In December 2018, the new Surrogacy bill, banning commercial surrogacy was passed and of course went unnoticed by the whole country. Here are the highlights –

Read the entire article here – https://surrogate.com/intended-parents/international-surrogacy/surrogacy-in-india/.

This is an important step towards ensuring that women from the poorer sections of the society are not exploited and made into baby-producing-factories.

Please adopt a child if you don’t or can’t have your own biological child…. help a child to have a home and a chance at a great life.

Happy that the Modi government has passed this bill. Hopefully we don’t have a certain section of the “privileged” society starting a “rudali” show of how a $400 million business has been nixed and how their opportunity to be a loving mother/father has been snatched from them.

#BaarBaarModiSarkar #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar #VoteWisely

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