#WhyISupportModi #6 – Evictions in Lutyens Delhi

Krishnan and I celebrated our 2017 anniversary in Delhi, staying in a place called “Lutyens Bungalow” or the “Nath Guesthouse” on Prithviraj Road. As we walked to Lodhi Gardens and around the Aurangzeb Lane (Yeah, just the road got renamed, not the lane) and Rajesh Pilot marg (who contributed a lot more to India than Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi ?$@*!) we saw the charm of the Lutyens zone. For 20 years now, we have been driving across this zone with beautiful bungalows and we knew it was meant for the MPs and other senior government officials.

The first time we heard of evictions from the Lutyens Zone was when the whole “intolerance” debate was at its peak. Poor Ms. Nandita Das was upset that her beloved father, the famous painter and now infamous (named in #MeToo) painter Mr.Jatin Das, was evicted from a Lutyens Bungalow. The rule, set by the successive CONgress governments was to allot these famous bungalows or government accommodations for three years to eminent artistes in the 40 to 60 age-group, whose monthly income is less than Rs 20,000. Mr. Das of course earned a lot more than that but just chose to stay on for 26 years in the government accommodation !!! How intolerant of the Modi government to throw him out of his house :):).

The magnitude of evictions and the overstay by politicians, artists, journalists and other “privileged” members of the community is unimaginable…. nearly 1500 prominent entrenched “Lutyens” folk have been evicted. No wonder there is “intolerance” towards Mr. Modi. And all the mango people (aam aadmi) who jumped onto the “intolerance” bandwagon need to “check their premises” as John Galt says in “Atlas Shrugged”. The evictions also tell the story of the cosy ecosystem created by CONgress where favours were doled out and favours given in return. No wonder Mr. Modi makes them uncomfortable and hence is not welcome in the swish set. These parasites that “feel” for the poor and want to keep the poor in poverty so they can continue to feel empathy and dole out some charity are up in arms against the one man who is ensuring the poor no longer remain poor !!

Eviction news headlines from different newspapers !!

I wonder and I encourage all the readers of this blog to wonder along with me – why does Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, her son Mr. Rahul Gandhi and her married daughter Mrs. Priyanka Vadra need three separate bungalows in “poor” India’s Lootyens Zone ? Why can’t they live under the same roof ? Huge savings in terms of the security setup and many other savings and for once members of this FAMILY will be doing something for the “poor”.

As you wonder about that – for me this is one more reason to vote Mr. Modi back to power in 2019 and in 2024.

#BaarBaarModiSarkar #ModiOnceMore #VoteWisely.

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1 thought on “#WhyISupportModi #6 – Evictions in Lutyens Delhi”

  1. Bindu, their rightful place is Tihar Jail, not the same bungalow in Lutyen Delhi.

    PM Modi may be requested to be kind to them and ensure they are given adjacent cells, for family sake. But I would prefer they are put in the same cell to save on cells so that they are available for other dacoits in their party.


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