Osho Story #3 – No Name

This is a story from Osho’s most controversial and consequently, most famous book “From Sex to Superconsciousness”.

“.. In a village a man opened a big fish shop, with a big signboard; ‘Fresh Fish Sold Here.’ The very first day, a man came to the shop and read :’Fresh Fish Sold Here’… fresh fish ? Are stale fish also sold anywhere ? What is the point in writing FRESH fish ? The shopkeeper felt ir correct. And besides, ‘Fresh’ also gave the idea of ‘stale’ to customers. He deleted ‘Fresh’ from the signboard. The board now read ‘Fish sold here’!….. An old lady, visiting the shop the next day, read aloud ‘Sold here? Do you sell fish somewhere else also ?’ The shopkeeper said: ‘No’, ‘Here’ was effected; now the board read : ‘Fish Sold’. The third day yet another customer came to the shop and said : ‘Fish sold? Does anybody give fish free also ?’ The word ‘sold’ was also deleted. Only ‘Fish’ was left now. An aged man came and told the shopkeeper : ‘Fish? A blind man even from a long distance from the odour can tell that fish is sold here.’ The ‘Fish’ was also effected. The board was blank now. a passer-by said, ‘Why a blank board?’ The board was also removed: nothing remained after the process of elimination. Everything was removed one by one and what was left behind was nothing, an emptiness.

Love could be borne of that blankness. A void is capable of merging with another void. A zero can unite with another zero in toto. Not two individuals but two vacuums can meet, because there is no barrier now. Everything has walls but vacuum has none. So the second thing to remember is that love is born only when individuality vanishes, when ‘I’ and ‘the other’ are no more. Whatever remains then is everything, the limitless, but not the ‘I’. With that attainment, the barriers break down and the emanation of the ever ready Ganga takes place.”

This Saturday Jan 12th, we took Ashwin and Chavi to eat the famous Sita Ram Dewan Chand chole bhature and from there, we walked down to CP to have the “Keventers/Shakes square” milkshake. Ask anyone in Delhi NCR and they will immediately recognise the “Keventers” name. Most people would not know that the founder (Swedish guy) had given the company over to the Dalmia family and the Indian family that had the CP franchise have separated from the Dalmia group and had to change their name to “Shake Square”. The “Keventers” outlet that one sees in every nook and corner belongs to the original group. Confusing ? yes, but there is no confusion as far as the CP shop goes – it has no name board and it is just as crowded as ever because its taste is as iconic and consistent as ever. The new “Keventers” outlets are swankier and their bottles are better looking, but the milkshake tastes sweeter and “different” from the original taste that all of us love.

Chavi is born and brought up in Delhi and has had Keventers milkshake for many years. Krishnan and I have been regulars to the CP shop for the past 21 years. Ashwin was deprived of having the Keventers milkshake by my dear friend and his father Hareesh in 2010 when he was told that he may fall sick :):). So the trip on the 12th was to make up for that wrong and Ashwin loved it.

The “no name” milkshake place we all know as “Keventers” at CP….

The point is – not having a board with some iconic name on it has not negatively impacted the “Keventers/Shake Square” CP store.

So go ahead and delve deep into who you are without any name and experience “zero” or “shunya” as Osho calls it….


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