The First Saree

For a self-confessed Saree-addict any celebration obviously includes sarees .. and this year is no different. This year as I turn 50, I have made a list of 50 different things that I want to do to celebrate and one of them is to wear different weaves during the year. I wear a saree almost every day of the year.. almost because there are some days when I vegetate in a nighty or track pants. The first two days of 2019 were those kind of days where I was feeling under the weather a bit and I was taking most of my calls and doing most of my meetings in track pants !! I even met with Dipreet last night in a nighty when she came home, a first for me and definitely a first for her to see me in something other than a saree.

Today I am feeling a lot better and decided to start this year wearing the first ever saree that Krishnan gifted me. He bought this in Chennai and gave it to me when he, along with my in-laws came to “see” me formally, meet my parents and a small engagement ceremony was done at our house in Vizag. Neither Krishnan nor I knew anything about textiles or handwoven stuff then, so he bought this “China Silk” saree that was in vogue at the time (1990). Krishnan does have a keen eye in selecting sarees for me and every saree that I own has been bought by him since – I don’t remember buying sarees by myself except once or twice.

The China Silk material is glossy and like crepe, and it can’t be worn in the summers – it gets a little sticky for me. I wear this particular saree sparingly so that I can enjoy it for longer. It looks almost new :). The neckpiece is made of jade beads and is from Desh Maheshwari in Noida (who else?!).

A truly special saree to kick off a special year !!

The collage is made on “Canva”.

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