#WhyISupportModi #4 – NPA to PA

The last month of 2018 has been special for many reasons, but for me, seeing the following tweets from Vijay Mallya was particularly heart warming.

The man who mocked the Indian jails and the Indian government while enjoying the protection of the UK government suddenly becomes a law abiding citizen and wants to return the money that he owes to the banks …. yes, he has taken loans in the past and repaid them. He runs the world’s largest liquor company and money made there is legitimate, unlike a certain Maharashtrian political bigwig who may never explain how he, a “poor” farmer made that single transaction of $70 billion. The fact that the UK court agreed to extradite Mallya and the fact that a certain Christian Michel actually got extradited to India probably made Mr. Mallya realise that he can’t continue to mock the Modi government.

And however short the public memory is we all know who has been in power all these years and which politicians enjoyed all the benefits that Mallya had on offer – the yacht parties, the free Kingfisher tickets, the sexy Kingfisher calendar besides the cases of liquor. The current PM of India doesn’t drink, doesn’t attend booze parties and pays for his guests who eat at the PM’s house with his money….. you cannot find a single gift given to him as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in his collection, and the value of his “one” house also keeps getting updated in successive tax returns. I feel proud to say Mr. Modi is my country’s Prime Minister and that he is an honest man who hasn’t made money on the side or under the table. Yes he supports business houses as he should – who else offers employment to half an Australia that we produce every year ?? But no business house gets to RUN the country unlike the earlier governments …. remember the tapes that became public and the power brokers that went broke, ahh !!

Here is another tweet from the ED – great news again,

Both companies are massive and am happy that rules are being applied equally on everyone, whether they are billionaires or small businessmen.

Here’s a news item in The (Non)Hindu newspaper that hates Mr. Modi – https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/policy/cleanup-163-lakh-companies-deregistered-by-govt/article9807724.ece

And last but not the least, the NPA’s have begun to shrink …. as today’s headlines say –

Here’s the link to the full article – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/public-sector-banks-recovery-against-npas-doubles-this-year/articleshow/67264127.cms.

An excerpt is particularly important to note –

There are thousands of reasons to vote Mr. Modi back to power in 2019 and the only request that patriots like me can make is “Vote Wisely” … unlike what happened in the M.P and Pichattisgarh elections, don’t let the corrupt come back to power. Leave a rich and powerful nation for your children rather than a scam-ridden beggar nation. Remember in every scam of the UPA government, you didn’t get richer – only a certain dynast and his buddies did.

#PhirEkBaarModiSarkar #VoteWisely

Whenever doubt arises … keep these two pictures for comfort and course correction –

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