जिस थाली में खाया, उसी में छेद – Naseeruddin Shah et al

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Does any reader recognise the above collage ? Chances are no one does. Here’s the story behind these pictures….

On Nov 7th 1966, there were 300,000 to 700,000 people on the streets of Delhi demanding a ban on cow slaughter which is provided for in the constitution of India. The then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi refused to ban cow slaughter and in order to manage the crowds, police FIRED on the protestors ….. between 357 to 5000 people were killed. There is an eye witness who is apparently still alive.

Taken from the internet

How many of us even remember this incident ? Even after this no Hindu felt insecure, no Hindu felt scared to live in India and no Hindu even today feels there is anything wrong about being a second class citizen in their motherland !!

Why is India supposedly intolerant and unsafe for certain people ? Especially certain celebrities ?  First it was Aamir Khan’s wife who felt unsafe in India and consequently he was very worried about our country’s “intolerance”. Now more recently its Naseeruddin Shah who feels India is no longer safe for his children … his eldest child is 48 years old and her late mother lived in Iran as she was growing up. He and his eldest child have reconciled and that’s wonderful, but his eldest child chose to work in India and not Iran. Wonder why that is ?

Also he feels his kids would be mobbed and when the mob asks them if they are Hindu or Muslim they wouldn’t know what to say because they have been brought up in an “open” environment. With names like Imaad and Heeba they will be considered Muslim and Vivaan is the only name that can be anything from Hindu, Christian to new age ! Now I wonder when Mr. Shah started to feel unsafe in India. Its interesting that his youngest child was born in 1990, the same year when millions of Kashmiri Pandits were hounded out of their homes in one of the largest ethnic cleansing operations in modern times – is that why he named his youngest child with a non-Islamic name? In protest probably against his fellow brothers who perpetrated this ethnic cleansing ?

Just recently a video has surfaced where Mr. Shah feels “at home” in Pakistan. Ok, so why did he choose to stay back in India? Also is that why he signed the mercy petition for “Yakub Memon” who helped the Mumbai terror attacks? And will he also speak about the minorities in Pakistan who have dwindled in numbers and some who became refugees in Delhi live in abhorrent conditions? I haven’t seen any tweet from Mr. Shah when illegal immigrants called Rohingyas were settled in Jammu and now are making their way across to Kerala or probably have done so already. Will his children be safe in their company? What is his stand on Rohingyas ?

I have huge respect for Mr. Shah’s prodigious talent and I will still watch every movie of his notwithstanding his comments, just like I will continue watching Kamal Haasan’s movies even if he is a bumbling fool commie out to destroy TamilNadu. But I will not pay a penny to watch their movies in a theatre. I would like this man and all the other “actors” who suddenly feel unsafe in India and feel there is intolerance, to come out in the open and say how their movies are funded, by whom and why is it that they make fun of Hindu Gods and Goddesses while saying nothing about Triple Talaq or Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ.

Just to help intelligent actors like Mr. Shah and others, here are the statistics of the true minorities in India –

Parsis – 69,000….. people of this community impact the salt in our food to the airlines we fly and incidentally in 2008 one of the iconic hotels built by a gentleman of this community was attacked by a certain “Kasab” from Pakistan, the country Mr. Shah feels at home in. Not once has this community felt unsafe or faced intolerance. 

Buddhists – 8.5 million to 12 million …. While Gautam Buddha went against Hinduism, he is revered as God. No Buddhist has felt unsafe. Infact we have given asylum to Dalai Lama and Tibetans when the Chinese just “cleansed” Tibet. 

Jews – 5000…. Never have we heard a Jewish citizen say they were forced to convert to Hinduism or faced intolerance of any kind in India.

Bahá’ís – 2 million… largest Bahá’í population in the world but a tiny fraction of India’s population. Not one person of this faith has uttered the word intolerance and complained of forced conversion to Hinduism. This faith originates from Persia not India !!

Now, Mr. Shah, Mr. Hamid Ansari, Mr. Aamir Khan and several Dhimmi Hindus need to understand that the Muslim population in the country is 14.2% …. no longer a minority but enjoying every benefit that minorities are given ! Its your brother Akbaruddin Owaisi who famously said in 2012 that “Muslims would need just 15 minutes without the police to show 100 crore Hindus who is more powerful”. Its another brother of yours who said “Bharat tere tukde honge”. Also in Pakistan, the country that you all feel “at home”, a woman called “Asia Bibi” was sentenced to death (!@#$) for drinking water from a Muslim well. Here’s an extract from wikipedia “….it was forbidden for a Christian to drink water from the same utensil from which Muslims drink, and that some of the other workers considered her to be unclean because she was a Christian”. That’s really tolerant of the Pakistani society.

Mr. Shah will your children feel safe in a country that puts a woman to death because she had the audacity to drink water from a well that belonged to a Muslim while being a Christian or will they be safer in a country that showers their father with accolades, their uncle serves in the army and defends that country, that allows one of your brothers to go to court against a Hindu practice, that bans the barbaric Triple Talaq, that allows the Hindu Pandits to become refugees in their own land while your brothers enjoy “jannat” on Earth, Kashmir …. I can go on. Request you to think before you speak, because unlike your filmi dialogues, your private utterances are not scripted and they reveal the sinister dark soul inside you. 

Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena and Bharat Mata ki Jai, for she tolerates snakes on her bosom who poison her everyday !

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