Hey Ram, ShriRam !

Traffic Jam !

The above picture is from today afternoon around 2.45 pm. Its a traffic jam that occurs every week day around this time and today was no exception. We were returning home from our meeting at Vidya school. This is the Hamilton Court road that leads to Galleria market in DLF Phase 4. Here’s another pic from today … an Audi with just one passenger. 

The traffic jam everyday is because of the Shriram School that is located between Hamilton Court and Regency Park apartment complexes. Parents pick up their children at this time. The school has buses, but still there are a bunch of parents who have their kids picked up by a driver or do the picking up themselves. And then the same parents who send an Audi to pick their child blame Diwali crackers for the pollution …. ?#$*@ I don’t get the logic. Let me know if anyone does.

Why can’t a school mandate that every child has to use the school bus only? I understand that the roads are impossible for kids to cycle or walk to school like we did, but everyone can use the school bus. I know many parents are responsible citizens and have a car pool to drop kids at school but even for them, why isn’t the school bus an option ? And a single kid getting picked up or dropped is truly criminal. Fossil fuel wasted and a wrong message to the child that they are rich and they don’t have to care about resources.

Before anyone tells me that this is a one-off situation – here are two more pictures from April, of the same road and the same timing, around 2.30 pm.

The only thing that’s changed between then and now is the road is worse with a huge pit !! I also have pictures from even earlier and I clicked a Jaguar picking up one kid. Unbelievable. When will we as citizens take responsibility for the environment and the values we pass on to our children ? If we don’t care, our kids won’t care either …

Hey Ram ! However right-wing that sounds.

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  1. We have the same problems here and the traffic near the schools gets really busy and dangerous with stressed parents not paying full attention as they drop their kids off at school. The result is a catch 22 where the traffic makes it so dangerous that parents think that it isn’t safe for kids to bike or walk to school, even from a bus stop and so they end up dropping them off and making things progressively worse.

    I have heard that some schools in the Netherlands have banned parents from dropping their children off right at the school for this very reason.

    I hope, in the future, we all learn to be a bit more sensible about our transportation. I am not idealistic enough to be able to imagine a car-free world just yet, but certainly we could look at our transportation methods like tools and use the right tool for the job: Our feet/bicycles when it’s nearby, transit or shared transit (auto, taxi, Uber) when it’s farther. But of course at least for now, class is tied so much to transportation. Some people don’t want to be seen on a bus or subway or even walking. They want to be seen leaving an Audi.

    • You said it beautifully Todd – “class is tied so much to transportation”. The Delhi metro is fantastic and we use it all the time but the same folks who speak about pollution in their living rooms will never “deign” to ride the metro. That’s the problem to solve !


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