Fresh Orange Juice – Krishnan’s new favourite

Krishnan doesn’t like to eat fruits but loves fruit juice .. so we invested in a slow juicer from Hurom almost four years back. The pulp remains, just the seeds and skin is discarded while juicing and because there are no blades, heat isn’t introduced during the crushing process. Now the market is flooded with slow juicers with every Mixer-Grinder brand having a slow juicer.

Amongst fruits, Krishnan has never liked Sweet limes and Oranges. He would drink the sweet lime or orange juice if it was the only option available !! But all that changed on Sept 17th, 2018. See the picture below –

See the happiness on Krishnan’s face as he holds a bottle of fresh orange juice :). This is at the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. Keshav, Krishnan and I had been to Salzburg for a day trip from Munich and on our way back, we got into the Spar Supermarket. They had the machine that squeezes fresh oranges without the customer having to even peel them. These machines are kept in almost all supermarkets across Germany. We don’t know about other places in Austria but Salzburg’s central station had it.

Fresh Orange juice machine

We filled two 500 ml bottles of fresh orange juice and in the next 3 minutes we had polished it off between the three of us. Not a word was spoken. Krishnan just couldn’t get over how tasty the juice was. We even started thinking of importing that machine to India !! Its probably a business idea for a young budding entrepreneur. Since then, Krishnan loves orange juice.

For the past ten days, like today morning we had Fresh Orange juice made at home. And yes, we remember Salzburg and our stay with Keshav and Anu at Munich every time we have the orange juice. 🙂


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