To all HMVs from an LMV

As the general elections of 2019 get closer, there is a sudden spurt in posturing, name-calling and vote gathering moves by all political parties. This is also an election that will be the proverbial last nail on the rotting coffin called the CONgress. A party that pays homage to one family and has no scruples of any kind wants to get back to power riding on a lame duck, dumb “leader” who doesn’t know whether he is sitting down while standing up or waking up last night. They don’t want to grab power to do good, but to consolidate the family’s obscene fortune and make up for the party members’ personal losses due to the current government led by Mr. Modi. They are ably supported by a cabal of commies and naxals who have nothing better to do than enjoy the benefits of being close to the dynasty and convert this great country into a doddering mindless commie mass going nowhere.

I am an unabashed fan of Modiji. There are reasons for it and however much the HMVs (Hate Modi Voices) want to label me as a irrational “Bhakt” – the label won’t stick because am as rational in my love for Modiji as they are irrational in their hatred for Modiji. This post is mainly a disclaimer before I start my support campaign for Modiji. I need to say a few things publicly because many of the HMVs are dear friends and business associates. I am hoping not to lose friends over an election because things will get ugly. While I can never understand blindness because I am not blind, HMVs need to understand the same is true for them – they are blinded by their hatred for “a” man and refuse to see facts as they are. The first fact to note is many of the so called “bhakts” of Modiji are actually “Bharat Bhakts”. We love our country, as much as many of you do and our allegiance to Modiji is conditional on whether he is working for India or not. His oratory skills don’t blind us, but his tremendous love for this country definitely blinds us and binds us. Its sad that HMVs can’t see that !

The second fact – in these four+ years, India has been transformed !!! I whiz past immigration at a world class, energy balanced Mumbai airport, a “Muslim” maid manages to pay her rental advance using her money in her bank account, we drive on 6 to 8 lane world class roads that make the autobahn in Germany look tiny in comparison with just 4 lanes, there are enough clean public toilets wherever I go, railway platforms have wifi that works, if there is a govt subsidy, it reaches the intended beneficiary through direct benefit transfer rather than fattening some family’s already fat bank accounts, my borders are safe because the armed forces can deal with any situation as they see fit without worrying about a call from Delhi, suddenly my country is talked about in space exploration and is becoming a hub for sending satellites into space, the forest cover across the country increases amidst all this “development” tamasha notwithstanding all the uproar over trees being cut down in Delhi and which thankfully stopped, the government actually puts out a report card every year, from a country that was run by a BIG business house owner to all the power brokers having “no entry” to the power centres, the list is endless… and the third and most important fact, we have a PM who doesn’t allow a single relative of his to benefit from his position – the last PM who was that way died under mysterious circumstances and shares his birthday with Bapu, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. Happy birthday Shastri Ji. 

Over the next six to seven months things will go from bad to worse and through my blogs I will make every effort to propagate the good work done by this government because I want to see Modiji back as our PM in 2019. It will hurt those HMVs that are my friends and I can’t help it – counter me with facts and results, not drama and hate. I don’t question your patriotism, don’t question mine. I will write about the appeasement politics, I will write about the money-induced conversions, I will talk about everything that the anti-national CONgress and their cronies have let loose and are trying to let loose.

I am a spiritual seeker and a borderline agnostic but don’t tell me how to live my life and don’t demean my culture and traditions. Hinduism has been forcibly made into a religion but even then it is inclusive and that makes it weak, it also has inherent flaws but is open to change and questioning, unlike the other two major religions Christianity and Islam. I respect your religion but don’t go around calling me a “kafir” and a “sinner” and expect me to grin and bear it. Religion is a personal matter and it has no place in the public discourse BUT every political party will make it an issue and I will share my opinion through my blogs, however unpleasant it maybe.

So my dear friends who are HMVs – please grin and bear :). To other HMVs that are not my friends – buddy, wake up and smell some fresh Coorg coffee not the dregs of stale Italian coffee that the Dynasty has been doling out. It is inevitable – Modiji will be back as PM with an even greater majority than 2014, however much you hate him.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena.

Hoping to get a picture with the great man himself someday rather than his statue !

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