Germany Day 15 – Discovering German Steel

Saturday, Sept 15 2018 – Munich

On Sept 14th when we came back to the Hauptbahnhof after visiting the Dachau Concentration camp memorial site, Keshav and Anu met us there and took us to “Karstadt” a massive supermarket or super store that sells literally everything under the Sun. While I tried to linger on the floor that had jackets Keshav insisted that I have to go to the floor that sells Kitchen stuff as I was wanting to buy some knives etc.

I went upto the floor that sold Kitchen stuff and never wanted to leave !!! They have such good steel vessels, heavy gauge, the handles don’t get heated and pour anyway without spilling. I wanted to buy all the pots and pans they had but I got a grip on myself, especially when they started announcing that the store would be closing for the day soon. We took the decision to spend the next day, i.e Sept 15th only in Karstadt.

In the morning half, Krishnan and Keshav went and visited the Mercedes Benz showroom which was near Keshav’s house. I initially agreed to go with them but then decided against it and Anu and I got ready without any rush and went straight to Karstadt.

Keshav and Krishnan beaming at the Merc showroom 🙂
Awesome Mercs on display.

We spent a few hours in “Karstadt”, only coming down to the Hauptbahnhof to eat lunch at one of the Pizza places. The Pizzas are so flavourful in Germany, no cheese overload, and you can actually taste the veggies. I wanted to eat a doughnut, but Keshav took us to a place that made awesome waffles and it was truly outstanding waffles.

I bought three saucepans – two minis and one which is a one-litre pan. Anu and I have entered into a non-verbal  pact that she will continue to buy some of these pots and pans when they are on sale for me and we will find a way to get them to me in India. Goonj can look forward to a lot of pots and pans coming their way as I replace them with stuff from “Karstadt”.

The one litre saucepan
The utterly cute 500 ml mini pan … there is one more which is just 250 ml.

We left Karstadt reluctantly, and went sandal shopping but none of the footwear stores had any open toe sandals for women. Since the season has changed from Summer to Autumn, all the footwear stores are stocked with shoes. We took a tram to go near Marienplatz and as we got off the tram, we found this fountain as a perfect spot for a selfie.

Another great day spent getting to know Germany a bit more. 🙂

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