Germany Day 13 – “Beamer” day !

Thurs Sept 13, 2018 – Munich

Keshav had planned the trip to the BMW museum and showroom for this day. Later in the day, Anu was to join us for lunch at Marienplatz and we were all planning to go shopping after that. So after breakfast, we started out for our trip to the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. We first went to the BMW Welt which is their “experience” centre. People can touch and feel their cars, motorbikes and also the delivery of any BMW car bought at some other dealer point can be done from here. There is a ramp connecting the BMW Welt to the Museum and this whole area is called Olympiapark. Olympia Park is an olympic park constructed for the 1972 summer olympics. The Olympic village is also the site where 11 Israeli players and a German policeman were murdered during the 1972 Olympics by Black September, a Palestinian terrorist group.

We checked out a few new cars and then took pictures while riding the motorbikes. Keshav and Krishnan both love motorcycles … I am more enthusiastic about cars :). We learnt about BMW acquiring the iconic “MINI” brand from the British Motor Company and also the “Rolls Royce” since 1998.

Next to a cute “Mini”
A vintage MINI – guess its 1959 vintage
According to Keshav this is one of the “candy” car – amongst those that should be put into your pocket and carried away 🙂

The above car opens from the front and the steering wheel is stuck to the door. Keshav has had the opportunity to sit inside one of these and he was very worried when he opened the door and the steering wheel came with it :):). He thought at that time that he had done something wrong and he would end up paying a fine !!

Next came the customized, uber luxurious Rolls Royces. There were two of them on display and you could only gaze at them and not sit inside. My blog’s inspiration Osho had “90” Rolls Royces so I felt an immediate connect with the brand …. The bonnet of these giants is taller than me !!

The Phantom…

After enjoying the cars we went to the first floor where bikes are on display and you can experience them by sitting on them – not riding them of course.

Keshav, looking cool on one of his favourite bikes …. sorry, dont remember the name of the bike 🙂

I sat on one of the scooter-like bikes and Krishnan rode pillion. I have never managed to ride a geared scooter or a motorbike, except a moped. I took to driving the car like a duck to water but except for a cycle nothing on two wheels excites me.

From the showroom/experience centre we walked across to the Museum. Keshav took this amazing picture of ours in front of the Museum building.

BMW Museum in the background

At the museum we found the earliest models of bikes and cars to the latest releases. We saw the history of BMW and the cars that were launched each year. Its an auto enthusiast’s heaven ! BMW manufactured helicopters initially and then ventured into bikes and cars. Some of their cars launched in 1934 could do 200 kmph … we were left wondering about how the road infrastructure was so developed in those years and the famed German engineering. Its no wonder that Hitler was feared because he was backed by the brilliant German engineering which was decades ahead of the US and other countries at that time.

Here is a collage of some of the pics taken at the museum.

The car with the number plate “007” is indeed a James Bond car that was used in the movie “Golden Eye”.

My personal favourite were these colourful printed cars, displayed at the point where you exit the museum.

The Memphis collection – my kinda cars 🙂

As we exited the museum, Keshav took another great picture of Krishnan and I with the Olympia Park viewing tower in the background.

The Olympia Park tower in the background

From the BMW Welt we took the U-Bahn to reach Marienplatz the main market place. Many historical buildings dot this strip of land and there is an open market with meat, vegetables and fruits of every kind on sale.

The new Rathaus (Townhall)
The open market place at Marienplatz

As we walked towards our lunch stop, we couldn’t resist drinking the fresh orange juice that was being sold in one of the juice stalls. Krishnan refused to listen to me and drank a combo juice of grapefruit and rose which was a little bitter. Finally he drank the fresh orange juice :).

We went to a Thai restaurant to eat lunch and Anu joined us there. While waiting for food to be served we saw the dry run of the horse carriage carrying beer barrels that would apparently be rolling around during the Oktoberfest.

The horse carriage carrying beer barrels

After lunch we went to our first shopping place – the “Globetrotter” store. Its a massive 5 level sports and camping goods store on the lines of REI. We wanted to buy messenger bags. Didn’t find them here and went over to the Sportscheck store where we found them. On the way we took a selfie now that our human selfie stick Anu was with us 🙂

After window shopping for a couple of hours we went back home. An amazing picture that Keshav that took on his Samsung 8 phone of the twilight sky. While it was difficult for us to accept that any phone of Samsung could outperform an Apple phone … the camera on this Samsung phone is incredible. But the comparison was with the iPhone 6+ which is a couple of generations older :):). Its difficult to shift our loyalty to Apple.

A lovely day spent with lovely people.

4 thoughts on “Germany Day 13 – “Beamer” day !”

  1. I’m an avid reader of your blog since 2013. Enjoying your blogs of your first trip to Europe. I’m amazed to see you without warm clothes in the German autumn ! Please tell more about who Anu and Keshav are and what they do in Germany. Are they your former colleagues ?

    • Thanks Ashoke Ji. It wasn’t very cold in Germany so we didn’t need the warm clothes that we had taken with us. Keshav worked with me way back in 2000 at the start of his career and has been a friend since. Anu became a friend when they married. They both work in Germany now.

  2. Great clicks Bindu 🙂 Brought back beautiful memories when I worked and lived in Munich for an year roughly 19 years back 🙂 Their s-bhan,s U-bahns, trams are amazing. That was the first time when I first time heard of metros and malls :). There were couple of big malls at Marienplatz at that time. I stayed one station down Marienplatz – think it was called as Isar, as it is next to the river with the same name that flows through Munich. You missed Octoberfest !! Another landmark event which everybody wait for the entire year – celebration with beer and pretzels !! Did you enjoy pretzels there .. German’s love their beer gardens and pretzels, apfel juice :)) Sorry couldn’t stop myself from reminiscing 🙂 Thank you for sharing


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