Germany Day 9 – Adopting the local practise

Sunday, Sept 9, 2018 – Frankfurt

In Germany, shops are shut on Sundays. Just the restaurants are open and people are expected to spend time with their family and rest and relax. We decided to follow this good practise and slept in late, ate a relaxed breakfast and took an afternoon siesta even. We went for a stroll in the neighbourhood and it was refreshing to see all the shops and offices shut down.

A small stream that flowed near the Airbnb that we were staying at.

This was also the only day that I spent in track pants and did not wear a sari. We tried to find the alternate station and as we neared that station, we saw the gates close as a train was approaching. Fascinatingly enough, the gates are boom barriers that cover half the road on one side and the opposite half on the other side, with enough space for bikes, people and small cars to go through, but no one does!!

A car waiting for the train to pass through. Notice the boom barrier only covering half the road.

We have enjoyed the “no stress” living in Germany and the UK. People follow rules and there is no mad rush for anything, no road rage even in heavy traffic and life is lived well. The wide sidewalks inspire you to walk everywhere and the fact that cyclists have the right of way, a lot of people are on their cycles going to work or doing their chores or just exercising.

The sky as seen from the Airbnb apartment we were staying at.

We walked nearly 5 kilometres on sidewalks in the entire neighbourhood and neither the traffic (there was lots of it) bothered us nor did we feel unsafe anywhere. I just wish we build these wide sidewalks everywhere in India and make our country also a “walking” country. People’s health will improve and pollution will reduce significantly.

What a wonderful day of rest and relaxation ! Thinking of importing this practise to India :):). Sunday as a day of rest.

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