Scotland Day 8 – A day of Prep

Friday Aug 31, 2018 – Edinburgh

As we were leaving for Hamburg the next day, we decided to take this day off from sightseeing in order to prepare for the Germany leg of the trip. Sriman, Kiran and the kids all went to their respective offices and schools and we started the prep by loading the washing machine and putting the clothes out to dry. Then I did the one thing that I don’t enjoy doing – ironing clothes :). Once Kiran was back she took out the ironing board and the iron, and I started the “chore” after enjoying a nice Krispy Kreme doughnut that she had bought on the way back home.

All my saris and Krishnan’s shirts, ironed.

The joke between Sriman and me before we came to Edinburgh was that he will keep all the clothes to be ironed ready and make me iron them. But Kiran told me that she and the kids wear clothes that require no ironing and Sriman sometimes irons his formal shirts. I packed the suitcases and ensured that the checked-in bags didn’t weigh more than 20 kgs each. Infact, when we boarded the flight in India our two checked-in bags weighed just 32 kgs totally. We hadn’t shopped at all so there was hardly any increase in weight. Sriman had told me not to carry any masalas in the carry-on bag as they might object to it at Hamburg. He was sure that at Edinburgh, we would be able to carry our spicy food onboard. I just kept out the puliyodare powder as I wanted to make the puliyodare in the evening, so that we could pack it  for our breakfast the next day on the plane.

Once Sriman came home, he wanted to take us out for a walk to the nearby park called Braidburn Valley park. So Sachin, Sriman, Krishnan and I went out to the park for a walk. It was yet another beautiful park but we couldn’t spend a lot of time and we didn’t go downhill on the grass as Sachin wanted us to as we had to get back and make the puliyodare :). When Sriman told Sachin that we would do the grassy slope the next time we were at Edinburgh, Sachin quipped saying “It will be 15 years by then” !! Trust kids to say what comes first to their head.

Photo credit – Krishnan. Stunning view and with a little difficulty you can make out Sachin on his scooter 🙂

So went the “prep” day and we slept early as we had to be up at 4 am to catch our 7.20 am Ryan Air flight to Hamburg. We said goodbye to Sachin and Nikki was planning to wake up in the morning and say goodbye as she was out at a friend’s place till late.

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