Scotland Day 5 – Learning about the “key box”

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2018

Our train to Inverness from Edinburgh was at 8.34 am and Sriman had to go to work besides dropping off Nikki. So we combined everything and started early at 7.30 am. First we dropped off Nikki and her friend near their school and then Sriman dropped us off at the Waverley train station. As expected, the platform number was announced just ten minutes before the train’s departure time but we got in safely as did everyone else.

Scotrail trains are with 2 or 4 coaches at best. Our train went over the Forth bridge that we had seen on the 25th. We got some amazing pictures as the Sun came up.

Our train to Inverness on the Forth bridge
A little further along
Some areas of low tide
Beautiful scenery

Kiran had packed idlis and gave us the MTR podi packet. I had made Poha in the morning and we had eaten a little for breakfast and also packed a little to eat on the way. Once we reached Inverness around 11.50 am we sat in the waiting lounge and Krishnan went out to find some yoghurt. He came back with after discovering the M&S Food Hall that’s on the left of the train station.

We ate the packed Poha at the station and then I went out to the M&S Food Hall to pick up some fruits, veggies, bread and cheese so that we could carry a picnic lunch on the Isle of Skye tour that we had booked for the next day. The M&S Food Hall is massive and I bought a scone and a pretzel as well besides the bread, veggies, fruits and cheese.

Our check-in time at the Airbnb was at 3 p.m, so we took the taxi from the station only by 2.30. We had received a note from the Airbnb host Peter, that he may not be at home when we arrived and that we should use the code given by him to unlock the door. We had to show Peter’s address to the cab driver as our pronunciation of the name of the street was very different than how it was to be pronounced :):). The cab driver knew the location well and we reached in about 15 minutes. When we used the code as mentioned by Peter on the keypad the door did not unlock. We tried a few more times and finally I called Peter and he said he was on his way back. So we just sat down and waited for him to arrive. He came within 15 minutes and then we learnt about the “key box”. The code was to be used on the keypad and the compartment behind the keypad opens for you to access the keys :). Well, we got in and quickly made our dinner with the idlis, podi and some onions that I had bought.

We went to bed early as we had to leave for the full day Isle of Skye tour early the next morning.

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