Scotland Day 2 – Day tour with a seasoned guide, part 2

Saturday Aug 25, 2018 – Locked onto the Lochs

This is a continuation of our day tour around Edinburgh. Read the first part here – Scotland Day 2- Day tour with a seasoned guide, part 1.

After visiting the Stirling castle we drove to the Doune Castle which is where we ate our picnic lunch. Here is Sriman in front of the Doune Castle… the professional photographer had to be photographed sometime :).

Sriman in front of the Doune Castle.

Mary, Queen of Scots who reigned between 1542–1567 stayed at Doune on several occasions, occupying the suite of rooms above the kitchen. Doune was held by forces loyal to Mary during the brief civil war which followed her forced abdication in 1567, but the garrison finally surrendered.

After the Doune castle we focussed on the Lochs ! We drove to Callandar to see the Bracklinn Falls. Please remember to wear hiking boots if you travel within Scotland, as you have to walk to all the sights and most of them are through hills. The Bracklinn Falls was no exception, we had to walk about a mile to get there and for Sriman and I, it was like walking to our school in Shillong. We ate bramble berries even ! The Bracklinn Falls is beautiful but even more beautiful is the way to reach it.

The Bracklinn Falls
Another great picture by Sriman of Krishnan and I with the Bracklinn Falls in between :).

As you can see all the walking made me take off the jacket. The following picture of the bramble berries are from Loch Katrine’s walking path, we didn’t take any picture on the way to the Bracklinn Falls. The palm showcasing them is Sriman’s.

Bramble berries

After the Bracklinn Falls we drove to Loch Katrine. On the way we stopped for a few pictures at Loch Venachar. I caught Sriman and Krishnan walking back to the car through the trees …

Loch Venachar

From Loch Venachar we went to Loch Katrine and the park built around it. We walked across and took lots of pictures here.

Loch Katrine – a pano shot courtesy Krishnan.

From Loch Katrine we drove to Luss which is a village in Argyll and Bute on the west bank of Lake Lomond, one of the largest lakes in Scotland.

See how beautiful the flowers are !

We stopped at this picturesque village for coffee and Krishnan caught the school friends in a nice picture having coffee.

After this village we drove around Loch Lomond and got a few interesting pictures like the one below.

Loch Lomond

We didn’t stop anywhere after these pictures and just drove back to Edinburgh via Glasgow. Stopped at a Tesco store to pick up some more of those tasty oranges and reached home by 8.30 pm.

Long day but a great day of sightseeing, all thanks to Sriman for managing to showcase Edinburgh in such a short time. 🙂



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