Scotland Day 7 – Walking around Inverness

After the day long tour of the Isle of Skye, Krishnan and I didn’t have the energy for another day long trip sitting in a bus or car. So we decided to check out of the Airbnb at 10 and walk around the town of Inverness. Peter, our Airbnb host was a great guy and his Airbnb is much recommended!! It’s about £8 for a cab to take you from the train station to his place. Also use the “City Taxi” folk to book your rides. Their number is 01463-222555 and they are on time always. We got a chatty driver today as well and he gave us a mini city tour before dropping us off at the train station. We found the lockers at the station and left our luggage (one suitcase and the tote bag with all the toiletries and stuff). It’s self service and you pay £3 for a small and £5 for a medium locker. We just needed a small one.

From the station we started to walk towards the canal and crossed over the pedestrian bridge that shakes a bit as you walk over it. We went across and started walking towards the Inverness castle. I got a picture of Krishnan with the castle behind him near the Ness bridge which is for pedestrians and vehicles both.

And interestingly the Ness Bridge was built in 1961, the year Krishnan was born :). I got a closer picture of the Inverness castle a little more down the street.

Don’t miss the guy trying to fish in the canal. The canal is not too deep so he walked in a bit more. We crossed over using the other pedestrian bridge which is about 500 meters from the St. Andrews Cathedral. We visited a WWI and WWII memorial on the other side.

Just can’t have enough of these flower patches that are everywhere. This was at the memorial. This patch is named Cavell Gardens after the nurse Edith Cavell.

We took a selfie with another flower patch – some hanging and some on the ground.

We found the Church of Scotland near the castle and outside the church there was a sculpture of three ladies – Faith, Hope and Charity.

As we walked back to the Ness bridge we took a couple of panoramic shots and also a few from the bridge.

And a selfie with the flower pots hanging over Ness bridge.

From here we walked to the Eastgate mall and did some mall walking. Found a “3” store and after lunch decided to update data on the local SIM.

Now using the RBS free wifi at the mall to post the blog !! So thrilled.

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