Wi-Fi across London

I had posted my earlier blog from the train station at Oxenholme, Lake District. Am writing this post from the same place using the “virgintrainswifi”. We reached Kendal yesterday and had hoped to see Windermere and Grasmere in the Lake District in the morning today before taking our train to Edinburgh at 6 pm. Unfortunately we didn’t do the day trip because the weather forecast was rains and getting caught in the rains here with temperatures dipping to 12 deg C is no fun. We hadn’t come prepared with umbrellas either as we borrowed them from Vidya in London and will borrow them from Sriman in Edinburgh.

In the city of London, you wouldn’t miss a cellular phone connection – starting from the Heathrow airport. I informed Vidya that we had reached using the Heathrow wifi. Then during our London walks, I had even posted a blog after uploading pictures from a business-cum-market centre called Brunswick just outside the Russell Square Tube station. When we reached the London Euston station yesterday to take the train to Kendal – we again got high speed wifi at the station and didn’t have to use the cellular connection.

On the Virgin train though the wifi only supports the “BEAM” app and the entertainment that it offers. Wifi doesn’t work well or maybe we didn’t try it in the correct way. Will figure it out as we board a Transpennine train today to Edinburgh.

The Airbnb that we stayed at in Kendal also had good wifi.

So enjoy being connected to the internet throughout London and even far flung areas like the Lake District. Well, India isn’t too far behind – the Mumbai airport wifi was outstanding and I have done a FaceTime call over the Jio Wifi at the Coimbatore airport with better video quality than what we get at home. So you can stay connected to the internet in India as well …. didn’t somebody who worked as a coolie in a railway station in Kerala, clear his civil services exams using the railway station’s public wifi ? An interconnected world indeed and yeah, the flip side is you are never off-grid :(.

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