London Day 6 – Meeting PM Modi

August 21, 2018

This was a typical touristy day in London. We caught the two most important tourist attractions – Madame Tussauds and London Eye. In Madame Tussauds our sole interest was of course to click a picture with ModiJi as we are fans. What we realised as we neared his wax statue is that he has a huge fan following.

We had pre-booked our ticket to both these attractions and got a combi-ticket at a discount. Am so glad that Anand asked upto book a priority entry because it was unbelievably crowded. We entered quickly enough and the first place we got to was the movie stars party – Hollywood and Bollywood. Bollywood is largely represented by Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and as we weren’t keen on any of them, we quickly moved on. Found George Clooney sitting all by himself on the sofa so for Nisha’s sake I sat with him and took a picture. I had to get off quickly as there were many women waiting to do the same.

I was sad that Jason Statham wasn’t around, because I would have certainly wanted a picture with him :). While entering the hall there was a wax statue of Tom Hanks and I missed taking a picture with him.

Cant miss Schwarzenegger !!

And Krishnan is no less a star … how good looking he is 🙂

The next section had statues of sports stars and Krishnan took a few pictures with Usain Bolt and the legendary Muhammed Ali.

The legendary Usain Bolt


The legend seems to be telling Krishnan – really?? You wanna box with me ? :):)

After the sports stars we entered the area that had statues of the Royal family. We didn’t want a picture with the Queen but I stood next to Lady Diana and got clicked. She is a stunner ….. I don’t think any camera did justice to her. If she looks as beautiful in wax, one can only imagine how stunning she would have been in person.

And as we turned around there was Mr. Modi with a crowd around him. We still managed to get pictures with him. … and we are certainly hoping to meet him in person soon. His wax statue has an aura too – no wonder the HMVs have new ulcers everytime they see the adulation he has.

Diagonally across from Mr. Modi was His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, another person that we would like to meet some time.

And directly opposite Mr. Modi was Madiba and Krishnan took a picture with him as both their hands are the same size… Krishnan had put his hands into Madiba’s hands that are kept at the Museum in South Africa and they were the same size. Something in common with the great man.

After we got a picture with Mr. Modi, our speed of taking pictures reduced significantly. We went through the section that had statues of super heroes. Then there was a 4D show with the super heroes and it was truly an exceptional experience. Whether you are a kid or an adult the 4D show is worth watching. We then went out on the tour of London on a London taxi which runs on rails. This again is an excellent show where moving statues and images take you through a historical tour of London. At the end of this show, you are free to exit the museum and that’s what we did. In all a typical Museum tour takes about two hours.

From Madame Tussauds we took the tube to the Embankment station and got out for a leisurely walk on the South Bank. We walked past the New Scotland Yard and then of course, we walked over the iconic London Bridge and saw the Big Ben being repaired and the Westminster Abbey beyond that.

The new Scotland Yard

The Big Ben

We took the left near the Lloyds Lion and went over to the London Eye for our ride. Found this bird (seagull?) looking over from behind a lamp post. People were feeding these birds and there were lots of them.

The London Eye queue was short as we had priority tickets. You need to jump in even as the capsule is moving. As it started the climb I did feel a twinge of fear but it vanished quickly enough. We got spectacular views of the London city from the London Eye.

The Golden jubilee bridges (also known as Hungerford bridges) that Princess Anne inaugurated in 2002. We walked across this bridge after exiting the London Eye.
The Buckingham Palace – from the London Eye
The Westminster Abbey and beyond from the London Eye
Birds sitting on the spokes of the London Eye.

The ride is approximately for an hour and you get off just the way you get in – while the capsule is moving. The capsule is cleaned while its moving and a new set of people get in again. Very impressive !

After exiting the London Eye we walked across the Golden jubilee bridge to reach the Embankment station on the other side. Krishnan managed to hold up the London Eye as we crossed over.

We then walked to the Trafalgar Square which has the Nelson Statue and the National Museum.

The fountains in front of the National Museum
Nelson looking over the city of London

We walked back and sat for a few minutes on one of the benches. Krishnan caught the two of us in a selfie while he was making faces 🙂

We then walked over to the Embankment tube station and caught a train back to Vidya’s house. A touristy day in London !

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