Same Base, Two different items

When RK spoke of themes in cuisines around the world on the OPOS FB page, it was just knowledge but it hadn’t become an experience yet. The themes idea just got internalised last week. In the past week, I made OPOS VadaKari and OPOS Kothu Paratha. Both are really easy to make and a huge hit with Krishnan. My mother enjoys the VadaKari but not the Kothu Paratha because essentially she doesn’t like anything that says “roti” or “paratha”.

OPOS Vadakari with Paratha


Both these have the same base and adding fritters makes it Vadakari and adding chopped rotis or parathas makes it Kothu Paratha. That’s the magic which OPOS has enabled, by letting folks like me who are functional cooks to look behind the curtain of gourmet food. Till OPOS came our way Krishnan and I have eaten VadaKari ONCE at Vashi in 1997 at some roadside eatery. It had slowly disappeared from the eateries in Chennai and I had never heard of it till I met Krishnan. Similarly Kothu Paratha sounds exotic, but is actually super simple to make! Both help you reuse left overs after a makeover :).

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