Pooch’s New Poop-street

In the last couple of weeks, it has been raining almost everyday. So Mom and I have had to find the window between two showers to do our morning walk. Sometimes the regular walking path inside our condominium complex has tiny pools of water which take a little while to drain out. One such day, I decided to go out from Gate 1 and walk in the outside road as it was dry and come back into our complex through the other gate.

Till the point where the lane from Gate 1 touched the Galleria Market road, it was easy to walk. As soon as Mom and I turned left towards Galleria and got onto the sidewalk, it was just dodging dog poop on every step. Just unbelievable !! Yeah, it shouldn’t be unbelievable given educated, well to-do dog owners live in this area and how can they stoop so low as to pick their dog’s poop, even with a poop scoop??  

Don’t miss the Coke can left behind by some well-to-do, educated family’s good-for-nothing brat. I would love to record the pooping scene and fine the owner the cost of the dog every time the poop is not scooped. Strays seem far better behaved than pets because they don’t have well-to-do parents.

Am sure all these pooch owners travel to Europe or Australia or the US every year during summers or winters or just like that and come back to their desi-parties to wax eloquently about how clean those streets were and all this nonsense about Swachh Bharat is just that, nonsense. “Nothing can happen in India”, “Modiji can’t speak in English?&*, how shameful is that?”, “Chaiwala hai, usko kya pata cleanliness ke baare mein?” “My sweetie-pie doggie is so cute, I took him/her for her birthday party to @$#%^&* and got the dog spa home, isn’t that cool”… some of the commentary overheard at the desi-parties. No dog shit (pun-intended).

I love dogs… but I don’t appreciate these dog-parents who leave their shit behind for others to step into or for “someone” else to clean up. Its no different in any metro city of India. Thats the sad truth. I have a similar rant-post from Pune. Scoop the poop.

Swachh Bharat will fail because of the metro cities and not because of the villages and other smaller cities ! Jai Ho.


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  1. We have a similar problem here – and the correlation is the same. It’s often the most well to do neighbourhoods that have the most dog poo left around. The owners are clearly too important to stoop to that. In one part of town we’ve even had an issue with *people* going on lawns in the neighbourhood to the point where some homeowners are starting to put cameras out to catch the person.

    When we rented a small apartment in a part of town where houses now go for $2-3 million+, we had that problem *plus* every Saturday and Sunday morning we would have to dodge vomit on the sidewalks between our house and the subways – left by the university students who had gone out the night before.

    Where did the idea of self-respect go?


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