Noodles in a jiffy !

Today’s lunch was noodles for Krishnan and I. Amma ate a little because it was made at home and then went to her rice and rasam :). Its a huge progress from the days when she would refuse to eat anything that was called noodles or pasta or macaroni. Food is a such a deep conditioning that its difficult to get out of that and try new stuff. My father loved trying different food and I cannot eat the same thing everyday ! Krishnan and I eat all types of food as long as its vegetarian.

Every time I make noodles I remember Geetu and her tiffin box. Geetu’s tiffin box in 7th standard introduced me to noodles. I didn’t know about them before that. OPOS has made the process of making noodles utterly simple. 200 Gms of Hakka noodles with vegetables got done in 15 minutes from start to finish (cutting veggies to ready-to-eat noodles). The instructions on the packet of noodles says to take 2 litres of water (!@#$%) and bring it to a boil before cooking the noodles in them. Veggies to be sautéed separately and then put the whole thing together. Colossal waste of water, time and the veggies can easily be overcooked.

Enter OPOS Dum Noodles, made in a Pressure Cooker and under 7 minutes. Couldn’t take a pic after mixing as we started to eat. The instant noodles are no fun once you get used to making these with fresh veggies. So get onto the OPOS revolution  and now !!

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