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Krishnan and I love Thai food – especially because its fresh and the curries are spicy. For many years we wrongly believed that the Vegetarian green/red/yellow curry was indeed vegetarian but a few years back we realised that many of the restaurants in India use Shrimp paste anyway as the base for these curries. We cut back on ordering Thai food and ate only at restaurants where we were sure, there was no shrimp paste. But hey! who knows? Till the stuff isn’t cooked in front of our eyes one never knows.

When I learnt about OPOS (One Pot One Shot) cooking methodology that has been developed by Ramakrishnan and the UBF team, I kept searching for Thai recipes. Finally a few months back as part of a series of theme based cuisines, there was a post about Thai cuisine. I immediately saved the page and made the Thai green curry for the first time last year. It was 90% authentic. Then I made it a few times but the needle didn’t move much. Yesterday I made it again and I think it got better because I used the Thai green curry powder from Galaji.

I have to mention about the Gobind Bhog rice that I used. We ran out of rice in Patna during our May trip. So I ordered rice on Big Basket. I saw that they had this Bengali Gobind Bhog rice which they said was used in making kheer for poojas etc. I ordered it but didn’t open the pack as I managed with the little bit of rice that I had left and other items like roasted semiya, rava etc. I opened the pack just last week at home and the whole house smells heavenly. This is our answer to the Thai jasmine rice!!!

So we had the Thai green curry with the Bengali Gobind Bhog rice for lunch. There wasn’t even a drop of green curry left.

Thanks to OPOS, we are able to eat such a huge variety of food at home… restaurant food seems so overcooked and flavourless.

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Some folks had asked me about the Galaji Thai Green Curry. Here’s the link to it on Amazon –

Galaji Thai Green Curry

And some more people had asked about the OPOS Cookbook –

OPOS Cookbook – 5 minute magic

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