Then & Now

Today morning as I opened FB, it threw up an old memory from 2011. Krishnan and I had gone for a short cycle ride towards the CRPF camp but turned left and went towards the IREO apartments that were being built. The space between the point where we took a turn and the IREO construction was happening, had a copse of trees and a tiny pond.

I had captioned this picture as “the advancing concrete jungle”.

A few weeks back my friend Anu had stayed in Gurgaon for a couple of days enroute to Kashmir. She had posted the following picture of the same stretch of road from the IREO apartments where she was staying with a friend. The angle is different but the concrete jungle has just taken over !!!

While we can lament about the loss of green cover, there are innovations happening in the country too. Please check out this article on how a young man called Shubhendu Sharma has created 33 forests in India and can create a mini forest in your backyard.

Here’s the link –

Why can’t each of us help build a forest in whatever patch of land we see ? Maybe the government too can mandate that every city should have a certain number of these self sustaining forests. And the best part about these forests is that they become self sustainable in 2 to 3 years! So before any new construction takes place, first create a forest and plan the buildings around that … how cool would that be.

Hoping for this green revolution to happen and certainly wouldn’t want a concrete jungle instead.


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