Book Review – Urban Naxals

I start the review of this book with apologies to the author, Vivek Agnihotri. I had been reading this book over the past week or so and I had copied the statements that touched me and kept adding them to this blog post to be posted later. While I had scheduled the post for today … Read more Book Review – Urban Naxals

Pooch’s New Poop-street

In the last couple of weeks, it has been raining almost everyday. So Mom and I have had to find the window between two showers to do our morning walk. Sometimes the regular walking path inside our condominium complex has tiny pools of water which take a little while to drain out. One such day, … Read more Pooch’s New Poop-street

Misplaced priorities – Shiva & Sandeep Vs Sanjay

Does the name Shiva ring a bell ? I doubt it. Except that its a fairly common Indian name and its also the name of an important God for Hindus – the destroyer, Shiva. Does the name Sandeep ring a bell? Once again its a fairly common name in India and without a last name … Read more Misplaced priorities – Shiva & Sandeep Vs Sanjay

Misplaced Priorities – Kargil Vijay Diwas

Today is Kargil Vijay Diwas, the day when the Indian armed forces won the Kargil war emphatically ! While today social media is abuzz with celebrations I tried looking up some of the archives of TOI, HT and other newspapers from 2001, 2005 and then 2010 etc. Hardly a peep. Its as though the war … Read more Misplaced Priorities – Kargil Vijay Diwas

Rajiv Malhotra’s Grand Narrative

On Saturday, Krishnan and I attended the Q&A session on “Swadeshi Muslims” with Mr. Rajiv Malhotra at INTACH. This event was hosted by the Srijan Foundation. We attended because we find Mr. Rajiv Malhotra as a sane voice speaking about issues that matter to India without the rhetoric or vitriol that our paid media, pseudo seculars … Read more Rajiv Malhotra’s Grand Narrative

Are you easy to help?

Today I made the OPOS Brinji for lunch (will post the recipe in a different blog). Krishnan and Amma were watching the segments of the Tamil Super Singer finals that they had missed. I don’t watch that program except when someone is exceptionally gifted and sings well. Like all singing competitions this one also has … Read more Are you easy to help?

Rains and Sprouting New Knowledge

We woke up as usual around 4 am but realised that it was raining, so we just chatted for a while before checking our respective iPads. We leave our phones in the living room on silent when we go to sleep but we do keep the iPads close to our bed because we are reading … Read more Rains and Sprouting New Knowledge

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