New Winged Visitors

In the last two days we have had two new kinds of birds coming to drink water on our balcony. Our old sparrow couple also came back and the pigeons never left, even though they are much better behaved now. We also have the fiesty Mynas showing off their bathing skills to the clumsy pigeons ! The kite hasn’t made its appearance yet and no pet parrots have escaped their cages. Bird Tales from my balcony

Yesterday, we had this long tailed bird .. I don’t know the name of this bird so readers who are bird enthusiasts, please let me know. They have long tails and yellow, black and white body.

Google search suggests this to be the “Rufous Treepie” bird. The pictures match, but am no expert.

Today there were two of these cute little birds, a little bigger than the sparrows and a little smaller than the mynas and black and brown in color. Is it the Bulbul?

I couldn’t get a clearer shot as they flew away the minute I moved a little closer.

If birds can come to drink from a small water container, am sure we all can put them out in our balconies during summers atleast. And just keep a few small low maintenance plants for the birds to perch themselves on. Infact the Bulbuls used the dried out Tulsi plant as their perch.

Love chronicling these birds. The Earth is brimming with life and we humans want to cut down trees to build concrete jungles :(. Just sad.


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