OPOS Maharashtrian Dal Palak – new love

I have never liked dal (lentils). In any which way … I didn’t like the South Indian “kootu” or the North Indian plain dal fry. I would eat the Dal fry once in a while if there were no other options available. Similarly, the only way I liked Palak (spinach) was as Palak Paneer (Cottage Cheese).

We were in Varanasi during the third week of May and went out to buy some veggies. Found really fresh Palak and bought it not knowing what I would do with it. OPOS School to the rescue ! I searched the FB page and found this Maharashtrian Dal Palak recipe posted by Tanushree Somendra.


I made it for the first time in Varanasi and since then have made it three times and I have eaten every time. The taste is sooooooo good that I have forgotten that I don’t like dal. The only change I did was using Moong dal instead of Chana or Tuvar. Will try some time with either of those dals.

Today I have used the same recipe but replaced Palak with Cabbage, Tuvar dal with Moong dal and the result is just as delicious. I have made it a little spicier by adding some red chilli powder because Cabbage doesn’t have any taste by itself.

OPOS has certainly made our food flavourful, tasty and awesome ! Thanks RK and team.

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