Uneducated Boors

Last night as we started to sleep we heard sounds of someone hammering away. We thought it might be somebody in the penthouse which is the very next floor above us. They sometimes shift furniture and we thought it might be that. Strangely enough Amma could not sleep at all as the sounds didn’t stop. Then cigarette smoke started to waft up and she is allergic to that. There was no way to close the balcony door in the living room because of the heat. Amma doesn’t use the AC. My brother-in-law’s family is using Amma’s bedroom so she is sleeping on the sofa-cum-divan in the living room.

Krishnan and I suddenly woke up at 2.30 am to loud music, laughter and talking. We immediately went out to our balcony and saw that there were young men standing on the balcony of the apartment below ours. I was livid. I shouted at them saying this wasn’t a disco and my 74 year old mother was unable to sleep. One man went inside and one man tried to feign deafness and then all of them just ignored me. So much for young India !! I called up the control room and they sent the head guard to go and inform them to stop playing loud music. They stopped the music but continued to speak loudly on the balcony. Amma and our sleep continued to be disrupted and disturbed. We found the tenant who was occupying the house from the directory and called him. He had the audacity to abuse Krishnan and do nothing else.

The owner’s phone was switched off :(. Then I called the control room once again and only when 3 or 4 guards went over and threatened to cut off the electricity did they pipe down. They were still banging the doors shut right through till 4 am when the cowards hurriedly escaped. Our entire sleep was gone. Not just ours many other residents have complained and their sleep was also disturbed, all for the pleasure of one man – a Sean David Hyams who works for Times Internet. What kind of a man did his parents bring up?? Someone with no social etiquette and a boor.. what a disgrace. I wonder if he would have done the same if his mother was sleeping in one of the rooms…

There were nearly 15 men and women last night, all without a social conscience and without basic manners. I am not going “sanskari” here, but if this is the idea of having a good time – then I would rather not have it. And these morons will one day become parents and teach values to their children ???

India has a bright future because of the kind of young men and women that we met in our travels – the young men and women who run Hitarth Foundation, Himanshu and Shashank and their friends who spend every minute to help someone lesser privileged to study better, the young Ms. Pratibha who has single handedly lifted 80 children off the streets in Varanasi and given them an education and social skills, the young men like Ramakrishnan, Tarak and their friends who run Srujanavani in Vizag, working full time in companies and spending every free minute to help underprivileged students get their higher education !!

India is doomed if it has to depend on these “partying” good-for-nothing uneducated louts whose only claim to fame is probably rich parents and an elite school. That they have jobs in good companies is just a sad fact, they are so undeserving of it. Inspite of studying in elite schools, they have neither learnt manners nor social etiquette or any sense of social obligation. I have nothing against rich parents, there are many uber rich parents who bring up their children really well but there is a certain crop of young men and women in India who are floating on top of the social barrel purely by chance. This includes the sons and daughters of some politicians as well as other upper middle class brats. After seeing what Akhilesh Yadav has done to a government bungalow, I feel like slapping him. What Akhilesh trashed is paid for by honest taxpayers like me … how dare he do that? Who gives him the right to vandalize government property ?

Its the same breed of people who partied last night and disrupted everyone’s sleep and peace…. Mr. Sean Hyams, I have your friends’ names and their phone numbers and their mugshots in the cctv footage. Their names maybe illegible on the register and I wonder why but with the rest of the information it is relatively easy for anyone to get their details. We expect a written apology from all of you and no repeats of last night. Hope you will have the gumption to apologise for your boorish behaviour. I have not shared the phone numbers and your flat number on the blog … but we have complained to the association and to the owner of your condo.

There are additional names in this list but interspersed with other names unconnected to the loud party last night, so not posting the pic here.


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