Nature’s sound and water show !

I had put clothes out in the balcony to dry and when I started to put the last ones out I realised it was going to rain. This was around 2 pm. We had lunch and some premonition made me take the clothes in by 3. Mom felt it was just humid and hot like always and it won’t rain, but I still got the clothes in. Molina came at 4.15 pm and by 4.45 as she opened the balcony door to clean the balcony, I saw the oncoming dust cloud.

Krishnan and I had dusted the whole house in the morning 🙂 and didn’t want a thick layer of dust on everything again, so I hurried Molina indoors and closed the large glass doors just in time for the dust storm to reach Ridgewood from Huda City Centre :):).

And then came the rains. Just that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy them till now, because of Mr. Hafeez Contractor’s amazing design of the windows – water starts to pour into Mom’s bedroom from the large windows. We have used several towels, curtains and thick mats to soak the water but there is a puddle still.

The rains are abating … and the air is fresh. The sound of thunder rumbling is still on. I wish it rains daily but just a request to Lord Varuna, the rain God – please pour down straight and not at an angle :). I can then enjoy the downpour and not worry about the puddles in Amma’s bedroom.

Enjoying Nature’s sound and water show !!

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  1. I love the photos. There is something about watching a storm come in from a high-rise and the anticipation followed by the beautiful arrival of the rains. Sorry to hear of the leaks. What a way to spoil an otherwise beautiful experience.


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