Laundry on the move

As we travel for a month continuously and carry just enough clothes for a week at best, doing our laundry everywhere becomes important. I do carry soap and the reetha (soap nuts) seeds for washing my sarees, but still we keep exploring options in every location to get the laundry done in bulk. In Chennai there are laundromats that charge a flat rate for 5 kgs and use a washing machine to wash and dry your clothes.

The hotel rates are crazily high and you aren’t sure if you’re clothes aren’t getting mixed with others’ clothes. Mostly we avoid the hotel laundry because it is expensive ! In Lucknow we found “My Laundry Manager” who come and pick your clothes and charge by the kilo. The undergarments are washed separately and charged separately. They would also iron the clothes. Their service was fabulous. Every item of clothing is separately tagged and neatly washed and dried. I called a Mr. Yogen at 9580351231 for getting our laundry done.

In Varanasi we used “The Turning Point”. They are both a laundromat and dry cleaners. They charge Rs. 260/- for 5 kgs, inclusive of GST. It’s a flat rate. Again they are all over the city with several outlets. Just add their FB page and you get their central number. Someone will give you the number to the nearest outlet. Again their service was prompt and the clothes were neatly washed and dried.

Now in Patna, we are staying at an Airbnb apartment so have access to a washing machine. Will get a regular “Istri wala” too to iron the clothes. I don’t like ironing clothes :):).

My sarees are washed in soap nuts only and they dry quite rapidly. Mom is an expert in washing anywhere and everywhere and she finds our efforts to find a laundromat quite amusing.

Signing off as we start our first meeting in Patna.

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  1. How’s Patna, Bindu – born there but haven’t gone back there in several years

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