A Krishna-lover in a Nand Sundari

Krishna is my “ishta-dev”…. Krishna is all about having fun – just what I think life is about. He is brought up in foster care, he teases girls, he lifts mountains, plays politics and dances his way through life teaching us invaluable lessons in the process. So when my saree friend Archana Jain posted “Nand Sundari” sarees on her FB page Jhini Chadariya, I wanted one and got one for myself !! Note – “Nand” is Krishna’s foster father. 

Nand Sundari sarees are a revival project for the weavers of Delhi by Archana. These weavers had relocated to Nandnagari and Sundernagri, the outskirts of Delhi and they were moving onto other work as there were no takers for handloom. These are cotton sarees weighing about 500 to 600 gms and drape beautifully.

I wore my Nand Sundari saree as we drove from Gurgaon to Lucknow on the 6th. It was like draping a personal air conditioner because it is airy, light and feels cool in the sweltering heat. Archana, hats off to your efforts and am sure these sarees will fly off the shelves faster than you can make them. Hope the weavers continue their craft and bring us more of these beauties. The pictures posted below are late in the evening after spending the entire day in the saree. It was slightly creased but still draped really well. I was tired, not the saree :).



The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari and yes my “Khunn” love in blouses continues. 🙂

#wearhandloom #supporttheweavers


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