Airport in 20 minutes ..

Yesterday Krishnan had to be in Bangalore to conduct a training session. He left by an early morning 6.20 am flight, so I went to drop him at the T3 airport. The distance from our place to the airport is about 18 kms and without traffic that takes about 30 minutes and during peak hours it can be nearly an hour !

We left home at 4.10 am and while there was some traffic, the road was nearly empty. I still drove under the speed limit of 70 and still managed to reach the airport in 20 minutes. It was a wonderful feeling that it is possible to reach the airport in 20 minutes at some time of the day.

On the way back also I took the same 20 minutes and even before Krishnan could complete the security check and chat with Anant our fellow PedalYatri I was back home.

Took a pic as I exited the ramp at the airport – stopped for a few seconds as there were no vehicles around. Beautiful scene.

I love the subways that have been built on the Golf Course road. They have made life so much easier ! While they have already been part of a few adverts, here is my own picture of them at 4.42 am yesterday. Again I stopped for a few seconds when there were no vehicles behind me to take the picture.

This was as I parked at home. Now folks will calculate that it took me 46 minutes totally. The fact is that it took me a couple of minutes to park, as we have a slightly challenging parking slot. And I lost a couple of minutes as Krishnan got off at the airport. So that explains the 6 minutes extra :):). Don’t miss the pleasant 24 deg C temperature. Didn’t waste that gorgeous weather and went for a walk with Amma.

Yesterday for the first time, my yoga master was already at the door before we returned from our walk.

Today I went to pick Krishnan up from the airport and missed meeting Anshu. It took me the same 20 odd minutes to reach as it was a Sunday I guess.

Can a Bangalorean even think of reaching anywhere except his next door neighbour in 20 minutes ? :):) Even if someone thinks… it won’t happen in reality. But yes, Delhi and Karnataka do have “Yug Purush” CM’s – one who sleeps even while talking and one who only talks and has lost some sleep due to his “Aapology”.

Hmmm ….

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  1. Wow – amazing to see the roads so empty! Cities are all strangely beautiful at that time of day, I think.

    Please send some of your warm weather here. We would gladly accept your morning “low” temperatures. Here it is -1 (feels like -8) and we are in the midst of an ice storm. There are some people on the roads but mostly they’re asking people to stay home if they don’t have to go anywhere. I’m happy to oblige.

    • Hey Todd, happy to send the warm weather over. We don’t like the warm weather at all – would prefer the -1 kind of weather :):). And yeah, cities look beautiful early in the morning and very late at night.


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