Charlie’s Angels 👼 .. in India

When Anu made a sudden plan to visit India to meet her parents we made up our minds that we will meet this time.  Last year she, Pankaj and the children were here in Jan but Krishnan had his stomach infection just at that time and we couldn’t meet. She had also come in 2015 and traffic played the spoilsport … we returned from Hauz Khas because the roads were choked. When we visited the US last in 2013, Anu was shifting to California so we missed meeting her there too.

We finally met on March 21st… after nearly six years. I also got to meet Aunty after Shillong. A bonus meeting was with Ragini, Anjali didi’s daughter and it was really nice to know her a little. Such clarity and a passion to do something for the community at a young age was refreshing and endearing. Nishi joined us as well. It was so much fun, with awesome food and so much of talking that I think most of us forgot what we were eating. Aunty and my mother bonded over my bad behaviour of sitting with my plate of food and Ragini doing the same thing. Anu’s Mausi was also there and soon we resembled two teams of Charlie’s Angels.

Mom, Aunty and Anu’s Mausi were the first generation Charlie’s Angels while Anu, Nishi and I are the next generation of Charlie’s Angels. In the toss up between Krishnan and Anu’s dad, on who fit the Charlie Townsend role the best, Uncle won simply he knew Anu, Nishi and I since we were kids and his military background. Krishnan played his role of “sarathi” navigating all the conversations really well and then he took some awesome photographs. Aunty has given him a certificate of excellence.

Now all my KVHV gang members can bring down their eyebrows that have shot up to their hairline just because I called myself an angel. I know NO ONE will think of an “angel” when they think of me … not even my mother, but this is my blog so I will call myself an angel. :):). Anu gave my mother a medicine to build her immunity and my mother refuses to part with it. She says Anu gave it to me so I have to drink it everyday, its good for me ! Anu dear, my mom is your first patient and you have passed with flying colors.

We ate awesome daal .. ok, Krishnan and everybody else ate Awesome daal made by Aunty – I enjoyed the Methi roti and Bhindi Sabzi. I don’t like daal. I have to go back and eat those toasted paneer sandwiches that Aunty would make in Shillong. I told her about how I bought several toasters in the hope that I can get that crisp outer layer but nothing worked for me. We also ate Emarti, Gulab Jamun and Mishti Doi for dessert. Then tea to wash it all down :).

Uncle took a strategic seat in between the two Angels’ teams and the soldier in him could keep up with both sides of the conversation even as he appeared to be taking a nap. Some people are born soldiers !!

Charlie’s Angels 2nd Generation with the real Charlie Townsend
Charlie’s Angels with Krishnan
Our beautiful mothers – the first generation Charlie’s Angels 🙂 Mausi had left by then, so she is missing in this picture.

Just before leaving, Uncle asked Nishi and I to pick a stone from a basket. We thought it was some kind of special stone and I picked this one with whorls that looked like a Conch Shell dissected sideways. Only after picking the stone did Uncle tell us that these are 290 million years old (*!@#$%) – they are from the Kailash Mansarovar area where the Tethys sea was many million years ago. From that sea arose the mighty Himalayas and Uncle has been there several times as he has done research there. So thrilled to have something that old and sacred as a gift ! Am even more excited to make the trip to Kailash Mansarovar next year as I turn 50.

We got back home before the traffic picked up but I have to go back to Aunty’s place and eat those sandwiches and play with Anjali’s 13 dogs. Ofcourse I want to meet Anjali didi as well… 🙂

Missed you Javed .. but we will all get together in Shillong, hopefully next year. Then you and your Taurean brigade (Ranjeet and Sriman, Seema is not included, she is not grinning) can try and tell me why you are still grinning about me calling myself an “angel”. I won’t bring up the topic when we meet earlier.

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