Sprouting Javed’s way !

My school buddy Javed was at home a couple of weeks back and he was looking fit and handsome. He refused to eat food because he had to go somewhere and also because he was eating slightly differently to get fit. That diet included a lot of sprouts which he was making by himself. I have been very unsuccessful with sprouting anything other than green gram and I just don’t like green gram :). So I asked Javed “his” method for sprouting. I tried with Rajma and they sprouted !!

The above picture is when the sprouts were two days old and then two days later nearly 50% of the Rajma had sprouted. Today’s Rajma-Chawal lunch is made with these sprouted Rajma.

So Sprouting Javed’s way is as follows –

Soak the Rajma, Chana, or green gram overnight with enough water. Drain the water the next morning and take a coarse cloth and wet it. Place the drained grains/seeds in the cloth, wrap lightly and keep it inside a bowl. Just leave it in a dark corner of the kitchen but let the bowl be open so air flows through. Next day wash the grains again, wet the cloth again and repeat the above process. Repeat the process for a few days till you see the sprouts.

The best thing about sprouting this way is that there is no smell at all and the Rajma feels fresh.

Enjoy the pictures while we enjoy the Rajma-chawal. 😀

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