Sonia Gandhi – Grace in a puddle of Saliva

There she was, in a beautiful sari as always, not a hair out of place and everywhere around her were fawning media people with enough saliva dripping down their mouths to create a unified sticky puddle. Whatever else you throw at Sonia Gandhi, she is a picture of grace. Another person who comes to mind for somewhat similar reasons is Queen Elizabeth whose wealth was allegedly surpassed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Both the ladies have inherited wealth and added to it significantly without having to slave away at an office or build an industry or provide a service. Both are saddled with good-for-nothing heirs … with Queen Elizabeth being the luckier of the two. One was to the manor born, while the other married into the manor. The Queen allegedly sits on looted wealth from the colonies and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi got rich in a country where nearly 300 million people live below the UN defined poverty line. But the saliva dripping Aroon Purie couldn’t dare ask that question as he sat there adding to the pool of saliva under Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s feet !!

Neither could Mr. Purie ask her about the National Herald case, nor about every nook and cranny in the country being named after her husband or mother-in-law, nor about the “maut ka saudagar” comment nor about the mountain of scams that needed more alphabets than English has to name them. Just diabetic questions that added nothing to anyone’s understanding of CONgress’ vision nor their ideology. The questions and answers just told us how far removed from reality Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her ilk are and why this country has to be rid of people like her and her colleagues. That she heaped praise on Mr. Vajpayee just goes to confirm that Mr. Vajpayee was just Nehru under a BJP hat and except for the monumental oratory skills, there was little difference between his BJP and the CONgress then.

India Today should ideally dunk their noses in their unified saliva pool and exit journalism once and for all. They should then join the PR team of CONgress and hopefully get rid of Rahul Gandhi’s speech writer and cheat sheet writer so that he can atleast do better than saying that connecting the defunct MRI machines across the country will improve health care. I am exhausted after plumbing the depths of fawning dumbness with Rajdeep Sardesai on one end and the intermittently militant Rahul Kanwal on the other. One asks Nitin Gadkari to speak in Marathi, huh?? Mr. Gadkari is capable of shredding you without missing his stride in Hindi, English and Marathi and the other takes on Shubhrastha only to be singed. Anyway, please don’t think I spend time watching any of these nonsensical conclaves – I have better things to do, but every time I was flipping channels I saw Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s scheming smiling visage and the saliva dripping Mr. Aroon Purie who almost was missing Pidi’s tail. So then I caught some of the questions, then I saw Nitin Gadkari with my pet punching bag Rajdeep Sardesai and it was lovely to see him getting insulted yet again… then of course I caught snippets of Shubhrastha’s fiery retorts to dumb Kanhaiya and even dumber Shehla. I even saw the militant Rahul Kanwal snatch the microphone away from one of the panelists. Sweet.. would he have done that to Karti Chidambaram in Tihar? or Mr. Chidambaram or the obnoxious Mr. Aiyar?

Ok.. my rant is done. I will now read a verse of the Bhagvad Gita and try and interpret that rather than waste my time on saliva puddles and dynastic wealth mongers.

One last thing Mr. Aroon Purie – the great unifier was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel … and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi can never do what that man did in a 100 lives. So if you cannot accord respect to Sardar Patel atleast don’t demean him by giving the same moniker to an undeserving candidate just for a slice of that ill-gotten wealth.

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