Karti – temporarily carted away

I waited till the Delhi Patiala House court judge pronounced his order on Karti Chidambaram.. I don’t usually pray but I was praying that the slimy Abhishek Manu Singhvi didn’t manage to set him free. Karti Chidambaram and his father P. Chidambaram are the icons of CONgress power and they use that power liberally to safeguard their interests. I wanted to see Karti Chidambaram spend a few days like common offenders do – not in the plush CCU of a hospital with a fake heart condition and eating 5-star food. He was born with a platinum spoon, but karma is a strange thing, it replaces platinum, silver, gold spoons etc with grubby plastic, styrofoam and other “poor” spoons. I am elated and thrilled to see this arrogant M.A.N (yes, the other 3-letter acronym that comes to your mind is right) being led away to police custody and seeing his even more arrogant father’s grim face brings me untold joy.

I am certainly hoping that P. Chidambaram will also pay a high price for his high handedness someday…. the fake “saffron terror” seems to be biting him where it hurts. Chidambaram reeks of arrogance and he has single-handedly hounded Mr. Modi, the RSS and many other political rivals. Allegedly he changed the Ishrat Jahan encounter into a fake encounter by conveniently changing the affidavit. That it wasn’t a fake encounter was proved when David Headley, who conspired with the LeT in plotting the 26 November, 2008 Mumbai attacks, admitted to the FBI and then to an Indian court that, Ishrat Jahan was indeed a “fidayeen” of the LeT.

Chidambaram has been in the power corridors for a long long time and while Karti believed in the dictum “my daddy strongest” … the poor boy will have to hobnob with the commoners and eat, sleep and sit on the pot that he never thought he would. His dad will be sleepless as he should be, because he seems next in line to mingle with the masses and go to jail like any offender ! From power broker to powerless and broke – that would be something.

Yesterday was a celebrity roller coaster – I just took a screenshot of the headlines at 10.20 pm last night – from Karti’s arrest (happy) to Sridevi’s last rites (sad), to Indian economy being the fastest growing (very happy), to MP bypolls (Twit feeling happy as CON’s margins came down :), BJP moral victory, so happy) to Kanchi Seer passing away (sad) – a complete roller coaster day.

Today was both a sad and happy day. Sad because a dear friend is battling cancer and happy that Karti didn’t get away scot free…

Happy Holi everyone.

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