The first Naga shawl

My father was posted in Shillong during 1980 to 1983. So we got to enjoy a beautiful Shillong before the hoards of Maruti cars took over Burra Bazaar. From Shillong, Appa would go to Tezpur, Zakhama, Bomdila and a few other places on temporary duty and Appa was a collector ! We have all sorts of souvenirs from these places and they are all beautiful handicrafts, so treasured.

On one of his trips to Zakhama, Appa bought this multicoloured Naga shawl. Its a knitted shawl… probably by hand because in the 80’s the knitting machines had just made their appearance. Under my mother’s care, the shawl is extremely well preserved and still in use. Its very warm and for the Delhi winters, just having this shawl wrapped around you is sufficient. It has been worn several times by Amma. When we shifted to Delhi she gave the shawl to me. Now we both use it.

The first pic is Amma wearing this shawl during our weekend stay at a farm near Gurgaon in 2010.

More recently I wore it just before Christmas when we went to my school friends, Neeraj and Sunita’s place for lunch. Abhijeet also joined us. The following pic is in Neeraj’s garden.

I also wanted to share about the sari that I am wearing … this was specially woven for me by my uncle at Kanchipuram. My paternal grandmother had a similar sari but it was a nine yards one, so I asked my uncle to get one made for me with the same color combination but the regular 6 yards. Its a beautiful lemon yellow with a bright pink border. The beads are some kind of fossil stone and yes they are from Desh Maheshwari, Noida.

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  1. Bindu, I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time ; your mother is one of the most beautiful ladies I’ve seen. Remarkably well preserved too. Touch wood and God bless. May she stay around you for many more years and keep you cocooned in her love. Pranam to her and best wishes to you and Krishnan


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