Missing Rahul …

…. Dravid not Gandhi.

I stay away from watching Cricket nowadays because it irritates me to watch talented young players playing without application. I know every cricketing pundit will come out and lynch me with their technical analysis, but am speaking as an observer and a student of human behaviour.

Take the last match at Cape Town in the ongoing South Africa – India series. I don’t care whether India wins or loses, but look how they batted in both the innings ! Appalling. If a bowler called Bhuvaneshwar Kumar can hold out against the Rabada’s and Phillander’s of the world, can’t certified batsmen like Pujara, Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Murali Vijay even fend off a 100 or 200 balls ? Why was it difficult to do that much ?

Because there is no penalty that pinched them when they failed and their personal standards allow them to fail and not feel bad. Hey, am not talking about winning. I would have been perfectly happy if we lost that match after all the batsmen had put up some resistance and just couldn’t score runs. It happens. It’s a game. Your attitude still shines through.

That’s why I am missing Rahul Dravid. We lost matches when he played, we lost matches when the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar played, but no one felt that they didn’t try their best. They never gave up their wickets easily. That maverick Rahul Dravid, would apparently go back and practise the shot that he got out to so that he never got out to that kind of delivery again. That kind of application is sorely missed.

I think we will lose this current match too and I am not questioning Virat Kohli’s choice of players, nor his personal dedication. He never takes his batting lightly and he is hyper about winning. But, I certainly am concerned about the other “batsmen”. We have enough analytics available to figure out the right players to choose for any match…. but we need to find clones of Rahul Dravid, or inculcate that quality of dedication and application in the players we choose.

There goes Hardik Pandya ! Ok, enough said. I go back to my old self of not watching cricket. :):)

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