Hyenas on the hunt

I started this blog on Jan 3rd but couldn’t complete it because I wanted some more instances to prove the pattern of the hunt. Also in India and the world at large, its always better to wait for a few days to go by after an incident/event/uprising happens and you form an opinion. Nothing is as it seems to be… and your first reaction may end up being grossly unfair in the least or most definitely wrong. In India, the easiest way to spot trouble is when a certain set of people hunt together. This set of people got a new rising star during the Gujarat elections, a certain Jignesh Mevani.

I read long back in some issue of Readers’ Digest that to easily identify a good person, watch them smile. If their face becomes better when they smile, chances are that they are good and if their face becomes worse when they smile, they may not be good or their intentions may not be good. I don’t know if this is true, but I have seen that most people look better when they smile and there are very few who don’t. I have tried applying this to the terrorists, nasty colleagues, road side romeos and other unsavoury characters and often I have found that some of them actually look better when they smile and some don’t. Those who don’t are often involved in heinous crimes. When the Dera chief Ram Rahim’s movie was released in 2014 or 2015 – I was sure that this guy was someone bad and will get caught sooner or later… just watch him smile, he looks terrible.

Now, look at the picture below –

I am terrified !! This is Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid, smiling. I almost didn’t want to put this pic up – my heart goes cold every time I see this picture. There is something sinister about this man.

Now see his actions – he goes to Bhima Koregaon to commemorate a so called British victory over the Peshwas because the “untouchables” were part of the British soldiers. So the celebration is about lower castes winning against the upper caste. When I first heard that there is some sort of annual celebration about any British victory on the Indian soil, I was shocked that any government had even allowed that. British were the colonisers !!! We fought for our independence from them and so many of our people were butchered, maimed, killed and tortured by the British during their 200 year rule. There is nothing to celebrate from that period. Then to have the grandson of the great Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of our Constitution to participate in that celebration was just unacceptable.

Anyway, I waited till someone explained what really happened and all the shrill voices piped down. Here is the article that clearly explains the historical event that Bhima Koregaon tries to commemorate – https://trueindology.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/koregaon-ka-kora-sach/.

Whoever it is that has the “@trueindology” twitter handle needs a round of applause for citing original sources in every rebuttal or clarification. Do read the article above to understand that Bhima Koregaon was not witness to any British victory. What it also tells you is the systematic re-writing of our history that has happened with political patronage since Independence. And you still want to believe that these are patriots???? They are political hyenas … that feed when the prey is still alive.

As soon as the Bhima Koregaon celebration could not deliver its “evil” purpose of dividing Hindus by caste, the evil forces had to find something else to create trouble. Enter the revered judges of the Supreme Court and their so called “dissatisfaction” with the Chief Justice of India. Also I must mention the super success of Mevani’s “hunkar” meet at Delhi. The roads were choked with the smog of people’s laughter and the empty seats showed how people were with him in “spirit”.

Anyway, the minute a superstar of the Hyena pack went to meet one of the dissenting judges, the game was out in the open. Four judges – Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Bhimrao Lokur and Kurian Joseph, in a letter released to the media, said their criticisms related to an alleged lack of transparency in the selection of judges to try cases, calling it a cause for “serious concern”. Ok, fair enough. But why this need to take it to the press? And the assembly of the political hyena pack led by the oldest CONteam?

Today morning I received the following on WhatsApp and it explains this particular “hunt” in detail –

As received on WhatsApp-

1. Two days back, CJI Dipak Misra ordered a special investigation team (SIT) to reopen 1984 Sikh riots cases and investigate 186 cases related to it.
2. Last month, CJI Dipak Misra slammed Kapil Sibal when he asked to postpone the judgement of Ram Janmbhumi case after July 2019.
3. Justice Dipak Misra is leading the bench which will pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case.
4. The judges collegium, everyone knows is a part of the “ecosystem” created over the last 7 decades and has always thwarted efforts to let “outsiders”come in the circle. It was this collegium which Modi Government wanted to dismantle through NJAC and wanted that people’s representatives should have a say in Judges appointment. The entire Judiciary ably supported by Congress derailed the entire activity and refused to comply.
5. Well, the campaign against Dipak Misra, maligning the CJI (a constitutional post) baselessly and asking his impeachment a day after he ordered reopening of Sikh riots case and is set to pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case shows the power of ecosystem.

As retired SC Judge RS Sodhi said, “These four judges have formed a union. There are 23 other judges as well. This trade unionism to malign the office of CJI is immature and uncalled for. These 4 judges have no right to sit in the highest court and must be impeached.” I agree with Justice Sodhi.

P.S.: The Congress Ecosystem is in Universities, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and every where you can imagine in this country. We have only the people’s support to dismantle the ecosystem and the filth called Congress which considers this Country it’s inherent property because they have developed that ecosystem which provides it oxygen, day in and day out.

In the movie The Godfather, Don Vito tells Bonasera that some day I’ll call upon you to do a service for me & until that day accept my service as a gift! That’s the story of Cong ecosystem placed in Judiciary, Journos, Bureaucracy & page 3 elites paying back for everything Cong did for them. I was seriously confused about the press conference by Justice Chelameswar & some other judges of the Supreme Court,
but the immediate support of KTS Tulsi, Majid Memon, Prashant Bhushan & Salman Khurshid & AAP gang to this disgruntled cadre cleared my doubts on #JudgesAtWar !!”.

Why do I call them “hyenas”? Here are some facts about hyenas –

A HYENA’S LAUGH INDICATES SOCIAL STATUS. SPOTTED HYENAS ARE CUNNING KILLERS. Some of the myths surrounding Hyenas – In Tanzania and India, legend holds that witches ride hyenas. An Ethiopian folk religion tells of people who possess the evil eye and can change themselves into the creatures. In the Middle Ages, hyenas were believed to dig up and consume the bodies of the dead. Africans have long considered hyenas as harbingers of evil.

The Hyenas hunt for their food and sometimes scavenge. They manage to steal the kill from lionesses. Their mortal enemy is the male Lion. One swipe of a male Lion’s paw and the Hyena’s back is broken.

I leave it to you to decide who the Lion is in our politics today …. but please identify the Hyenas for our nation’s good. I don’t care who you think of as the Lion, but the Hyenas must not flourish. They bring evil, ill-repute and are plotting to weaken India. Watch out.

Jai Hind. Happy Bhogi.

4 thoughts on “Hyenas on the hunt”

  1. Bindu,

    I watched the Judges Press conference yesterday. It somehow appeared to me strange and was least convincing. The letter they had written to CJI was more confusing than convincing. I thought I am missing something. Your, this blog clears it all . oh, there it is. It is hyenas at their cunning best.

    Admiration and salutes to the male Lion, who is quietly doing what he should be doing for the nation, manoevring his way skillfully through a maze of Hyenas who are hunting to eat him alive. Wow, this man is incredible.

    • Colonel – for our Nation’s good we need to have him back in 2019. The unfortunate fact is there are hyenas within his own party 🙁 making stupid statements and derailing projects from within. Wonder how they will be dealt with and they need to be dealt with sooner than later.


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