Ah bless the Lord … for the blessed silence

The kids and the completely out of tune orchestra have fallen silent and we can take a nap !! The school behind our condominium complex has put up a Christmas carnival and I was hoping to hear some great Christmas carols. But, we were in for a noisy, cacophonous morning and afternoon as each song was worse than the other.

It’s great that the school is trying to get the children to celebrate Christmas and revel in the festive spirit, but make it a great experience. The out of tune orchestra was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. I finally called the security control room and asked if we could request the school to reduce the volume of the loudspeaker!!!

I have also celebrated Christmas in school and later at work. We have had carols being sung by the colleagues and cakes being distributed. We would have Santa Claus walking down the aisles distributing candy and small gifts. Celebrations are good,

My worry is, some schools are trying to out-shout their competition during these celebrations and just make a mess of it. Why didn’t this school invite all the maids who work at Ridgewood and their children for the carnival ? Get the students to share their goodies with these children – now, that would be in line with the spirit of Christmas.

All religions need to rethink about their festivals and rework them to be socially relevant.

Please watch this video – forget about who the messenger is, the message is very relevant Who stole the spirit of Christmas.

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