V for Victory… AAP kahan ho?

It was heart breaking to see Rajdeep having to show PM Modi waving to the city country with a “V” for victory. Sharing Rajdeep’s pain is Javed Ansari whose heart has slipped to his knees and his strident voice has been reduced to a croak. I am praying for their good health… because I want them to announce a BJP victory in every election 😂. Javed Ansari is in no mood to talk. Rajdeep at least is being brave.

Just like me in case you missed it –

I am trying to find out if AAP fought any seats in the Gujarat elections … did they ? And elder brother Kejruddin still batting for younger brother newly-minted Shiv bhakt. Sweet.

I stopped watching NDTV after the Bihar elections – they have lost their marbles anyway. So I missed Dr.Roy’s Ganguly moment.

Egg-on-his-face Yogendra Yadav has surfaced … Hey, V for Victory, so shift the focus to other states. Shiv doing tandav and blowing black soot towards his janeu-dhari new bhakt. Hahaha.

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