Rajdeep smiling !

How happy Rajdeep is … CONgress and BJP are neck-to-neck in Gujarat. RE-birth of the CONgress party ?? Ohhh happy days are here again, borrowing the tag line of “Thumbs Up”. Celebrations in CONgress HQ and suddenly they remember their old slogan “Satyameva Jayate” Didn’t know that CONgress had anything to do with “Satya”.

Many nails being bitten. Many hearts beating hard … what will happen ?

Ah that perpetually-in-pain Sanjay Jha is speaking on India Today. Lop-sided changes and suddenly the Gujarat Model has failed …. it worked for 22 years !!! Hahahaha.

Ok now BJP 88 CON 82 … oooooh I need to find a spiced “havana”.

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