Postal votes done, Republic hyperventilating

CNN needs to wake up and smell the “havana” …. they are not hyperventilating while Times Now, India Today and Republic will soon announce the results from all 182 seats in Gujarat.

Unfortunately for Rajdeep, it seems as though his pain is all set to deepen…. BJP seems to be leading. 71 BJP 44 CONgress on his friend Arnab’s channel. But on his own channel it’s showing 89 BJP 58 CONgress. Rajdeep praying to Shiv for Saurashtra to go to his newly minted bhakt.

I heard the term “caste cowboys” for the Gujarat trinity – Hardik-Jignesh-Alpesh. How apt. Wonder who the Shiv-bhakt thinks of as Shiv amongst these three.

Hello brothers and sisters – Devbhumi Himachal also had an election and it looks like the Hindu trinity are blessing the BJP. “Havana” ash may not be ShivJi’s preferred ash :):). Try “tandav” BOT-Twit…. it may work.

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