B(F)reaking News – Rahul takes responsibility for election loss !

I almost fell out of my chair….. as am sure many of you would have after reading this blog’s title. But stay in your seats – this is my “khayali pulao”. Will there ever be a day when the Pidi-handle of CONgress takes responsibility for ANY failure?? Now here is my “khayali raita” – AAP chief Kejruddin says EVMs are always right, he apologises for being a doubting Thomas, he will turn into a doubting Omar going forward.

My “khayali chutney” – Rajdeep joins the BJP formally because he finds those lost tapes of the “cash for votes” scam of 2008. Read your history sweets… never forget to do that.

My “khayali drink” – The stiff-stuckup upperlip of a certain Mr. Aiyar has melted ! He drinks the Kadak chai that Mr. Shah sent him a crate of and suddenly finds himself thinking only in Hindi.

My “khayali mithai” – Modiji thanks Mr. Aiyar, Dear Pidi, holy trinity of Hardik-Jignesh-Alpesh, and most importantly “ShivJi’s tandav” for the victory in Gujarat.

Acche Din ?? Or Ache Din 😂😂.

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