Fortune flavours the brave !

Krishnan and I follow the Masterchef Australia program – it’s pleasant, no roughing up of the participants, no shouting and the focus is on the food. While we can’t eat any of the dishes they make as almost all of them are non-veg but it’s fun to watch and we always learn something – about Australia’s culture, about great Chefs and sometimes life lessons about winning and losing.

Yesterday four of the top 10 were in the elimination round – Eloise, Sam, Callan and Diana. Interestingly, there was an option to choose from four different pantry carts and you either gained time or waited till you got the pantry of your choice. So, if you chose the first pantry cart as soon as it was unveiled, you got 75 minutes to cook, if you waited for the second pantry cart to be unveiled, you got only 60 minutes to cook and so on. Anyone who waited for the last pantry cart, would get just 30 minutes to cook. Eloise, Sam and Callan started cooking sooner, they just waited for the second pantry cart. Diana wanted to make a Malaysian dish with Seafood, so she waited for the 3rd pantry cart to be unveiled. It unfortunately turned out to be a dairy cart. She chose to wait another 15 minutes and risk cooking in just 30 minutes.

Luckily for her the 4th pantry cart turned out to be seafood. She picked up all the ingredients that she wanted and completed cooking and plating her dish in 30 minutes. Her dish was the best amongst the four and Sam’s was the worst so he had to leave the competition. Now there are lessons galore in this episode – first, having clarity on what you want to do is critical … Diana and Eloise knew exactly what they wanted to make and didn’t deviate from that. Both put up tasty dishes. Sam and Callan tried to make new things which they hadn’t tried before and both their dishes didn’t turn out to be good. Under pressure, always go with one clear idea and preferably something you have tried before.

Everyone was wondering what would have happened to Diana, if the last cart turned out to be something other than seafood. I am not sure if she had a plan B. She might have, but it wasn’t voiced. It’s critical to have a plan B, C ….. Z. When one plan doesn’t work out, it only means that you need to try something else and keep going till you find a plan that works.

The biggest lesson from yesterday’s episode was fortune does favour the brave and because it was a cookery show, fortune flavours the brave :). So go out on a limb and trust your gut every now and then – things do work out many times.

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