Rise of incompetence – a dangerous example

So the foregone conclusion is finally concluded – Rahul Gandhi is the President of the CONgress party. While some of his party folks are celebrating and am sure BJP is celebrating as it gives them an inconsequential opponent… am just evaluating the impact of this decision on many young citizens of India.

The fact is, Rahul Gandhi has done nothing to earn this post … its merely a family run business and the reins have been passed on from mother to son. Calling it an election is a sham and an insult to one’s intelligence however better or worse it is in comparison to the candidate in question. I had written long back when Sanjay Dutt went to jail and was given front page coverage that it sends the wrong signal to the society at large. Read my blog then – He went to IIM, Sanjay went to jail – So?.

Today the story of rewarding incompetence has happened yet again and on the national scene. Can you imagine your heart surgery being performed by a famous heart surgeon’s son who has never held the scalpel or has never set foot inside a medical school? Lets say he is fair complexioned and has a family history of great surgeons and can read and write in English – is that good enough? Why do you tremble at the mere thought of it ? You should be happy on the operating table if you feel happy with Rahul Gandhi’s elevation to the President of CONgress. These are very similar situations. There are several family run companies that make the same mistake and pay a huge price when things go wrong. The CONgress party is playing this game at our expense so that makes it worse.

Ratan Tata started as an apprentice on the shop floor at TISCO (Tata Steel) and worked his way through the group for 29 years before becoming the chairman of the Tata Group. It wasn’t handed over to him on a platter. Steve Jobs didn’t hand over the company to his first born …. President Obama didn’t hand over the reins to his daughter or wife… and PM Modi will not handover the reins of BJP to any of his kin. All these people are competent at what they do and skilled in many other areas besides their core job. They are the examples that young children must look upto and learn from – leadership positions don’t come on a platter.

But today if a young child aspires to be Rahul Gandhi, you and I as parents have no answer. This elevation merely says that you need to have the right last name, enough money and you can be a leader. And its not the first time … it happened when this man’s father was made the PM just because his mother died. So this is just normal for the family concern called the CONgress party. Sad day indeed and what a dangerous example the CONgress party has set in front of the country. Democracy sucks when these things happen.

Hardwork, integrity, capability – all three committed suicide today and am sure the Mahatma turned his face away in heaven rather than watch this sad drama.

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