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Hot and Sweet …. Veges

Krishnan and I like spicy food, so naturally we gravitated towards Thai food. For many years we were frequent visitors at a restaurant called Ros Thai, that came up in the Sahara Mall on M G Road, Gurgaon. They shut down in four to five years and many people blamed me :):), saying I reduced my frequency of visits and that’s why they shut down.

Anyway, at Ros Thai, we would always order hot and sweet fried veges as a starter since we didn’t like the Papaya salad (Tom Yam). Never found that dish elsewhere and Ros Thai restaurant shut down. Ever since I have been introduced to OPOS (One Pot One Shot) method of cooking, I have wanted to try this dish. A couple of weeks back, I tried it for the first time… the end result was a little watery. Then I made it again and again a few more times. Each time was better than earlier but the minute I added some “besan” to thicken the mix, the taste was outstanding.

The recipe is as follows –

Two cups of mixed veges – I used broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, onions, green chillies, fresh red chillies, carrots, capsicum.

Layers in the Pressure Cooker

1/4C Sesame Oil

2 TBSPs – Vinegar

1 TSP – Kalonji seeds

2C veges

Salt to taste

1 TSP – coarsely ground roasted saunf

1 TSP – Red Chilli powder

3 TBSPs – Jaggery powder

Flash on high for 3 Whistles. Release Pressure and mix in with coarsely ground peanuts, if you want to eat like a salad. Otherwise just mix all and I thickened using besan … it tastes good even otherwise. I didn’t keep it for more whistles bcoz I had Broccoli in there and didn’t want it to be over cooked. You can eat this as a salad or use it on toast or with Roti. Yesterday we had it with “poli” (used the awesome sweet potatoes that are in season for the filling).

With the winter vegetables, this is one salad that had already become a staple at home.

Please Note – this recipe uses techniques from the OPOS method of cooking. When I say “flash” and “cook on high” – it’s lingo that comes from OPOS. Please learn the method before making it this way. Otherwise use your traditional methods, the only downside is you won’t get these bright colors. Easier is to learn the revolutionary OPOS method that Mr. Ramakrishnan has developed. Checkout their you tube videos and join the OPOS school FB page.


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