Bird Tales from my balcony

I have always felt that the balconies in all multi-storey condominiums in Gurgaon and probably in other cities as well are largely meant for pigeons to use as their homes, toilets and general play area, in the last few years as construction around our condominium complex has reduced significantly, we have seen other birds make an appearance.

Last year we had a mini-National Geographic moment when a dead pigeon was eaten by a Kite, right on our balcony… while it was gross for us to watch as we are vegetarians, but there was also something very existential about the whole thing – you cant expect a Kite to live on Spinach ! Worms, other birds are its food and it was right in eating them up. The Kite seemed to be aware of the Swachh Bharat campaign because there wasn’t a morsel left behind to clean up. Atleast the birds are listening to Mr. Modi… (yep, pun intended).

Here’s a pic of that Kite with impeccable table manners.

For a few days after its feast, the Kite would come everyday and look inside our house, almost as if it was asking us to feed it. We didn’t have any dead birds so it stopped visiting. Usually, the Kites are super cautious even as they come down to have drink water. My mom keeps a small tray of water for the birds right through the year and many times the Kites come down to have a drinks break. Up close they are huge and so alert that if we even think of walking towards the balcony, they fly away.

We also have had pet parrots visit us twice – once it was a white coloured one and more recently it was a yellow coloured one. The way you can figure out the difference is, if you open the balcony door, a pet bird will try and walk into the house unafraid while the wild ones fly away, no matter how familiar they are with you.

We called the security control room when the white one visited us because we were worried that it had escaped its cage and other birds would hurt it. But thankfully it flew away, and hopefully to its home.

This yellow one was also a pet bird but this one seemed smarter and didn’t stay for too long.

We have a pair of Mynas and Sparrows that are regular visitors and infact the Mynas even demand that water be filled to the brim in the tray because its time for their bath. They splash all the water out, drink some and fly away. The pigeons try and take a bath similarly in an attempt to ape the Mynas but they are larger and just don’t get it. 🙂

See the expert Myna splashing water and taking a “real” bath, while the copycat pigeon fails :). I don’t like pigeons much because they dirty the whole place. I am ok to watch them once in a while but everyday and lots of them is just annoying. Pigeon-holes have a very real meaning to folks living in condos !

Enjoy my bird tales and plant more trees, keep a bowl of water and share your own tales too.


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