Reunite.. Reflect.. Re-energize!

Every year during the Thanksgiving weekend, the PGPMAX 2013 batch gets together…. and today our fourth reunion starts in a few hours. This year we are meeting in Delhi NCR, technically Gurgaon as the hotel happens to be in Gurgaon.

While we started out thinking almost 50 of us would be there, we have had a few last minute dropouts but there is no drop in energy. The first reunion was in Goa, then the next year we all met in Chennai and last year we went back to Goa. We then took a collective decision to hold the reunion only in the major cities because Goa was tough to access and as a destination every year, didn’t appeal to many of us.

Our batch has always been close knit and for nearly 2/3rds of the batch to come together after four years of completing the program is evidence of that. Whatsapp needs a shout out for binding us on a daily basis, whether through one of Sajid’s classic jokes or through some articles that someone posts. Some choose to stay silent, while some say a lot (yes I am guilty as charged😂) and some speak up sporadically. The debates, the differing opinions, the varied perspectives, all help us to learn continuously. Some Profs are remembered more, some less, but what we learnt and what we experienced through the program is still fresh. What a journey it has been !

The excitement is building up… Arun, Sreedhar, Amit, Venky, Kapil, Raghu Babu and Siva have reached already. Ahmed reached a couple of days back.. Get well soon, Rajendra ! Will miss you, Bhat, Sajive and Sridhar. Some of our other regulars are missing as well – Puneet, Manoj, Ram and Sekhar – see you all at the next reunion. A very warm welcome to the first timers – Anir, Arvind, Akash, Subbu, Sandeep, Vikram and Ahmed… Lalit, am not forgiving you and Kamal and Narayanan, hope to see both of you in 2018.

A huge thanks to Akash, Subbu, Antony and JK – for helping put together this whole event. While I missed Akash’s award narrowly, I am still hoping he buys me coffee at least :):).

And thus the Reunion begins ….

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