The waxing and waning of media indignation

Over the last week or so, every private media channel has been shouting hoarse about the Padmavati controversy. For those who have missed out on all the fun, here’s a synopsis – the famed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made a movie called “Padmavati” based on Rani Padmini (aka Padmavati) and Alauddin Khilji. The entire Rajput community, including the royal families are up in arms because they feel Rani Padmini has not been depicted in the right light. The latest threats from some “Karni” sena is that they will cut off Deepika Padukone’s nose and someone else has offered 5Crores to anyone who beheads Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone. Everyone and their uncles have gotten into the fray now and its a shouting match that no one is winning. Yesterday Mr. Nitin Gadkari, union minister, has also waded into the controversy feet first… the beautiful and intelligent actress Deepika Padukone suddenly feels we have regressed as a country, and the equally beautiful and intelligent actress Vidya Balan feels that in some ways we have regressed and she wants to castrate the man who spoke of cutting off Deepika’s nose. All the royal family ladies surrounded an indignant media person and shouted her down, asking for the movie to be banned. In the middle of all of this, the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made a feeble, half dead attempt to reach out to all those whose sentiments are hurt… Hmmm, Its around this time that I switched off from this debate.

The reason I switched off is because I realised this row is as much about sentiments being hurt as it is about the film’s publicity and its also a lot more about the impending Gujarat elections. Just watch the various “breaking news items” that are coming into the open now – suddenly Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wants to mediate the Ram Janma Bhoomi – Babri Masjid issue, then BOTTwit (Yuvraj, since Pappu is banned by the EC) has found religion and he has been walking into several temples with his forehead smeared with vermillion like a newly wed girl, PEW reports that our PM’s popularity has increased … ahh bloody hell, now the media will go into another indignant overdrive, then the movie titled “Sexy Durga” is renamed as “S. Durga” (????) and is still not allowed in some film festival….”FRINGE” “FRINGE” is suddenly in vogue and its not a hairstyle, actor-turned-activist-turned-politician-turned-know-it-all Kamal Haasan has tried hard to explain his Hindu terror comment in so many ways that he himself is unsure what he really means by it.

Poor you and I, the Mango people who flip channels and hope to find “REAL” news, find only bull crap or cow dung. All of this will die down as soon as Gujarat elections are done. They will again peak just before the Karnataka elections but that may have some fun moments because Superstar Siddu is just going great guns ! The one common message that all of us need to get is – our history has been plundered by our own left leaning citizens, our culture and way of life is under threat in the name of secularism and appeasement politics and till we wake up and smell the coffee or tea and start getting “INVOLVED”, we are just staring down a cultural precipice that will lead to utter chaos…. 

My second statement will irritate many of my friends and other fellow citizens, and if it does then I would like them to explain to me how in eight states of the 29 states that we have in India, the Hindus are a minority ?? Please explain how Manipur, a 99% Vishnu following Hindu community is today having just 30% Hindus? Please explain how Jammu & Kashmir, the seat of Hindu learning, the original abode of the revered Sharada Peeth and where Sanskrit was the language of communication today has a minuscule Hindu population? … and soon Andhra, Telangana and TamilNadu will be added to this list. I don’t follow any religion but some influential people who follow two of the world’s largest religions other than Hinduism, seem hell bent on changing the demographics of India to suit their political needs and religious fanaticism. The sari gets demeaned and communally coloured, our temples are starved of funds while Mosques and Churches abound with no accountability of where their funds come from, young boys and girls are forced into terrorism and the indignant media and some media created celebrities are “DEBATING” about the significance of BOTTwit’s idiotic pronouncements and some movie’s release. History does repeat itself – the people who are the Nero’s today are playing the fiddle while their houses are being burned down.


Modi is not our problem – whether you like him or not, the fact is that for once we have a leader who is trying to do something good for the country instead of lining his pockets and those of his kith and kin and distant unknown cousins. Some of his ideas will work and some won’t but his batting average is already far better than many others who “ruled” us in a democracy. When will the Mango people wake up? The enemy is amongst us and as we sleep peacefully, the Trojan horse will disgorge the men in its belly every day and the enemy will take over… till the idea of India is lost forever !

Is that what you want? 

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