Daily Reflections

“மெர்சல்” Mersal, “மிரட்டல்” Mirattal, “முட்டாள்” Muttaal

For the past ten days, TamilNadu has been in the news, for what is happening or not happening to “Mersal”, the movie. Mersal means anger, fear.. basically disillusionment. So Mersal was being displayed by all the parties involved – Joseph Vijay the actor, his dad, the director Atlee, all other actors especially the ones who were politically inclined, all political parties and our dearly beloved social media. Joseph Vijay’s history was cut every which way and edited every which way. He was a Christian or a Hindu to whether he paid his taxes or not to whether he will join politics or not. I think he doesn’t have a pet dog, otherwise we would have been shown the dog’s daily routine as well.

Behind the Mersal came “Mirattal”… as expected. Each party threw threats – each more interesting and colorful than the other. Some said they will prove Vijay has a Christian agenda, his fans said, he was secular, DMK, ADMK, and CONgress tried fishing in the troubled waters hoping Vijay will join them, and BJP was painted as the villain – if they couldn’t make one allegation stick, they tried another, then another, then another – till no one knew what was anyone’s position. All threats got jumbled up and now each party is suddenly less indignant and trying to find their ideologically superior threat from the jumbled pile.

Ofcourse it was all very exhausting for poor Joseph Vijay… he not only had to act angry in the movie, he had to battle it out in the media. He also had to answer all the Income Tax folk who inconvenienced him in 2015 even though he had just met the Prime Minister then. Its a tough life for an actor, isn’t it? Especially for one whose father is unable to answer the question – “where does Rs. 1050 go from the Rs. 1200 that you charge for the first day first few shows of the movie?”. Just to clarify – the first day first show of Mersal reportedly sold for Rs. 1200/- whereas the state government has fixed the ticket prices in slabs, the highest being Rs. 150/-. Wonder where the balance money goes and whether any tax is paid on it …. 

Now amidst all the Mersal and Mirattal – the Mango man as always is being the “Muttaal” (fool). Neither does he get a subsidy through direct benefit transfer when he goes to watch Vijay’s movie, nor does he learn the truth about government’s policies and he definitely doesn’t get a new leader who will deliver a great government in the state. Talks of Vijay joining politics has been around since he was a child artiste I guess … it helps to sell the movie dodo.

For long I have had the suspicion that if there was a GOD, he/she has retired long ago leaving a proxy to rule this world and the proxy is doing a splendid job… the proxy doesn’t discriminate, everyone loves the proxy and the whole world will be happy if its made the “only” religion. Most already practise it as the only true religion and the proxy as the only true GOD. People all over the world wake up and the first prayer is to this proxy GOD and then every activity thereof is in praise of this GOD. This proxy GOD is MONEY.

Now who made money, by Mersal and Mirattal ??? Poor old Joseph Vijay and daddy Chandrasekhar !!

Translation – “Are these guys truly a fool or they are acting as fools”. 

Dear Vijay – உண்மையான லூசு மக்கள் தான். But every “Muttal” has his day !!

Dear Tamil Makkale – I have the same question that Goundamani has for you –

Translation – “You keep fighting for a cinema star on Facebook everyday, do they feed you ?”

There is much to do and many miles to go …. will Joseph Vijay give any donation from the collections of Mersal to prevent Dengue ???? or he doesn’t feel angry enough about it ? 


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